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Competitive Index

How does your website's performance and Google Page Speed Score stack up against your competition? Find out with the Blue Triangle Competitive Index.

Discover, track, and optimize.

The Competitive Index was designed for customers to gain deeper insights into the Blue Triangle Industry Benchmarks, enabling eCommerce website owners to see how their site stacks up against the competition. With this powerful tool, you can trend, group, and analyze data, running side-by-side comparisons of competitors' website performance.

Custom Metrics

Powered by Blue Triangle's advanced synthetic technology and data storage powerhouse.

Trend over 40 different site performance metrics across many sites.

Access Google Lighthouse data and rankings.

Competitive Trends

Rank sites by verticals, groups, and eCommerce platforms.

Trend Google Lighthouse and performance metrics data over time.

See what your score was last year compared to this year, and compare your site to your industry's average.
Thr Competitive Index compares your Google Lighthouse Score against your industry peers.

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