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Monthly Archives July 2017

Atlanta Web Performance Meetup: The Science of Translating Web Performance into Revenue for Marketing Campaigns

Thursday, September 6th at 7PM ET | REGISTER NOW

In this session, Blue Triangle VP of Performance Strategy Dan Boutin will discuss how eCommerce retailers are using web performance metrics in new ways to measure marketing campaign revenue performance. In the past, web performance metrics supplied to the business have centered around bounce rates and conversion rates, DOM ready, DOM complete, etc. In today’s world e-commerce is also laser-focused on exit rates. We will discuss the metrics and data science underlying exit rates, campaign path analysis, and how savvy retailers are using web performance IT metrics to drive marketing.

How to Deliver a Faster, Safer and More Profitable Digital Experience

You’ve spent hours designing and optimizing your website for peak performance – but your customers are still leaving for the competition. A less than optimal experience can mean the difference between a won and lost sale.

Join Dan Druker, CMO at Instart Logic and Alan Harris, VP at Blue Triangle for a thought-provoking webinar where they’ll share research pulled from measuring billions of user experiences. Their actionable insights can drive 5-10% higher revenue through new purchases, repeat sales, and loyalty.



Dan Druker | Chief Marketing Officer at Instart Logic
Dan is responsible for all global marketing functions at Instart Logic. He is a seasoned marketing executive driving more than $3 billion in IPO and M&A transactions and counting. Prior to joining Instart Logic, he served as Chief Marketing Officer at artificial intelligence innovator Ayasdi, Internet security unicorn Zscaler, digital marketing leader MyBuys, cloud ERP leader Intacct and cloud security innovator Postini. Dan has also held senior marketing and sales roles at IBM, Trigo Technologies, Hyperion Solutions, Arbor Software and Oracle. Dan holds a bachelors degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA.

Alan Harris

Alan Harris | VP of Sales, Western Region at Blue Triangle Technologies
Alan has been working in the technology space since 1990 and has spent many years in web performance. After his service as a United States Army Ranger, Alan became a pivotal sales executive at many high-growth software companies, including Promark (acquired by Compuware), Rational (acquired by IBM), TimesTen (acquired by Oracle), and Keynote (acquired by Dynatrace).