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Blue Triangle Technologies Adds Value to Synthetic Measurements

In by bluetriangle / Jan 27, 2015

First company to quantify revenue leakage per page, first to provide what-if analysis on revenue by web page and the first to innovate real-user monitoring analytics to provide actionable data.

Blue Triangle Technologies, a strategic, results-oriented emerging leader in eCommerce and multi-platform commerce analytics, has announced two new products designed to provide real responses and accurate information about your website.

Blue Triangle Technologies offers a SaaS-based predictive analytics platform that combines application monitoring, business intelligence and web analytics. It allows online retailers to identify existing revenue “leakage” on their web sites and to understand how to optimize web pages to maximize revenue. BTT does this by unobtrusively gathering data from visitors, analyzing page speeds, user behavior patterns, and cart abandonment rates, which help produce recommendations for each web page. This enables customers to prioritize resources to remediate issues on their sites, ultimately optimizing the ROI of web site re-engineering, network infrastructure spend, and marketing efforts.

The industry struggles with how and what to test and measure when it comes to site performance. For years, synthetic testing has been the only option. Blue Triangle’s innovative engineering team has developed a ground-breaking product that allow merchants to monitor and report against real time performance customer data, providing object level detail and waterfall charts, giving retailers true performance measures and actionable data to work with.

“Using real data to analyze a site’s performance allows merchants to refine the way their sites are set up, tuned and deliver data for optimal customer experience. While measurements in the past have had to rely on synthetic measurement or simulated data to provide theoretical outcomes, today we can access real user information, provide actionable data at the page object level, and build on behaviors with RealUserInsights and eRevenueInsights,” stated Donald Foss, CTO Blue Triangle Technologies.

Blue Triangle's launch of RealUserInsights and eRevenueInsights provide companies with the clearest view of their customers’ web and mobile experiences through actual user data. The operations side of the business can use this information to build accelerated performance models, validate that user experience and site delivery is executed as designed. Business teams will have the ability to evaluate business intelligence to improve forecasting, business and project planning, and campaigns.

RealUserInsights will analyze pages on the fly making recommendations to enhance page performance that merchants can react to immediately.

eRevenueInsights is a 24 hour performance analysis service that quantifies the impact that browser load times have on web and mobile sales. Using real data and results from measuring your customer’s experience can help you determine how fast individual eCommerce and mCommerce sites need to be in order to achieve peak revenue generation.