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Blue Triangle Technologies Names Donald Foss as CEO

In by bluetriangle / Feb 18, 2014

With decades of experience, Donald Foss is a natural fit for Blue Triangle Technologies
Blue Triangle Technologies, a strategic, results-oriented emerging leader in eCommerce and multi-platform commerce analytics, has announced that Donald Foss has accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer for Blue Triangle Technologies.  In this role Donald will be responsible for BTT’s day-to-day-operations, as well as leading the company’s product development and technology strategy.

Donald brings years of experience to Blue Triangle Technologies. He is a recognized leader in the Dev/Op’s and Performance Management space, a frequent speaker and panelist and has spoken at conferences such as Cloud Connect, Velocity, Networld/Interop, GIPC, CMG and others.  Prior to joining Blue Triangle Technologies, Donald led the Global Performance Consulting services division at Keynote Systems, managing the business unit and the consulting teams, where he was responsible for the performance of load testing and performance tuning work for companies with heavily traffic websites.  Donald has worked with global customers and has managed staff on three continents.

Prior to joining Blue Triangle Technologies Donald was Director of Operations and Dev/Ops at Velogic, a startup company acquired by Keynote Systems, Inc., in 2000, During his tenure at Velogic Donald designed the load testing cluster management system, scaling to thousands of nodes and generating over a terabit of traffic in geographically distributed load tests.  Earlier in his career, Donald was a Senior Network Engineer with Wyeth Labs, supporting a vast array of server and networking platforms, and was a Senior Systems Analyst with Allergan.  In the past, Donald has written serial drivers for early versions of the Linux kernel, holds the RHCE certification and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Phoenix, and is a dedicated learning machine.

With the expansion of new web-based solutions and emerging online retail strategies, eCommerce is rapidly breaking through traditional brick and mortar barriers. The industry is creating a new retail paradigm that puts the consumer in control, even as it spawns major competitive opportunities for the retailers and consumer marketers who embrace it.

“Retail and eCommerce are rapidly changing with ever increasing demands for faster sites. Blue Triangle creates solutions to determine just how fast each page of eCommerce sites need to be, quantifies the impact on online revenue in hard currency, and measures the application improvements to maximize the eCommerce site's revenue. Whether cloud, mobile, web, enterprise or big data applications, Blue Triangle has eCommerce clients covered.

I am looking forward to growing Blue Triangle and providing cutting edge revenue optimizing solutions, while working with a dedicated and committed team.”

Donald Foss, CEO of Blue Triangle Technologies

About Blue Triangle Technologies:

Blue Triangle Technologies proves that page load times do impact conversions the same way on all eStores. It is hard to know how much faster things need to be without measuring the impact that page speeds have on sales. Blue Triangle Technologies solutions, including eRevenueInsights and eMarketingInsights, measure real users conducting real transactions to determine correlations between speed and conversion rates. This information leads to better business decisions by providing clear visibility to performance targets that are aligned with significant increases in site revenue.

To learn more about Blue Triangle Technologies visit us at or call 804.591.0735.