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Compliance and Availability Tracking

Maintaining compliance is an ongoing process. Blue Triangle can help you stay ahead of the curve and satisfy your regulatory requirements. 

Smarter Compliance Reporting Starts Here

Simple, Comprehensive Solution

With Blue Triangle, gain a complete view of your site to track audit and compliance requirements in one, centralized report.

Easy to Understand Reporting

Seamlessly identify all aspects of your site where compliance initiatives are being met, and those that need improvement to meet regulatory or internal control standards.

Rapid Deployment

Deliver more cost-effective compliance and SLO reporting with easier and faster deployment to adhere to internal and external requirements.
Blue Triangle's Synthetic Measurements provide a repeatable, real browser baseline from the top internet service providers (ISPs) to ensure application availability is consistently and dependably tracked for performance. 

Easy to deploy synthetic tests with clearly defined error conditions enable more precise and actionable tracking when your site is in an error state. Blue Triangle provides an overview of the performance and availability of your site at a glance.

Our Executive Availability Report for Compliance and SLO Reporting brings together synthetic monitoring running clean-room measurements and ongoing real user monitoring to track the availability of your critical systems for governance, internal, and external compliance. 

Track Errors with Full Context

Improved data handling for better site performance
Bulk event masking helps to make the process even more streamlined
Masked events can have annotated reasons for auditing masked issues

Visualize Executive Level Availability 

Tracks availability for last week, month to date, and year to date
Availability and error data is available via API Call
Configurable reporting of your unique critical systems

Streamline your risk and compliance reporting

External Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Websites and applications in heavily regulated industries are required to accurately report their respective web applications' availability to regulatory agencies.

Blue Triangle provides insights into all critical areas of a site with auditable monitoring, error tracking, and accurate computing of overall availability times.

See how Blue Triangle helps businesses and public entities oversee their risk and compliance programs with high level, detailed reporting. 

Internally Established Service Levels Objectives

IT-focused teams are often closely tracked by site and web application availability. Fast growing and mature enterprises frequently use this data to measure company goals and objectives.

Often reporting to Senior Executives and Board of Directors, it is essential that these IT professionals have reliable and defendable availability reporting that is both detailed and easy-to-use.

See how Blue Triangle simplifies the complexities and helps you navigate compliance. 

External Vendor's Web Application's SLAs

From time keeping and productivity management tools, to financial transaction processing platforms, enterprises rely on third-party vendor applications and services that are critical to business operations.

These strategic partnerships often include contractual Service Level Agreements that must be monitored and adhered to.

See how Blue Triangle consistently measures applications in a way that establishes baseline reporting and easily factors out end-user noise. 

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