Quantify the cost of revenue-robbing friction in the digital experience.

Dive deeper into the problem to uncover hidden issues and deploy the perfect fix.

Validate with indisputable proof that your optimizations achieved desired business outcomes.

Revenue Opportunity

Quantify by page lost revenue that can be recaptured from removing friction


Real-Time Bottom of the Funnel

Visualize step-by-step conversion rates to understand customer fallout and drop-off

Cost of Broken Links

Calculate the cost impact on conversions resulting from users being directed to broken links


Domain & Page-Level Conversion Rate Curve

Identify pages where speed most impacts conversions and prioritize optimization efforts by ROI

Cost of a Tag

Calculate the cost impact on conversions for every first- and third-party tag on your site

Competitive Index

Trend, group and analyze side-by-side more than 40 site performance metrics your site vs. competitors


Real-Time Customer Journey

Identify highest converting path and bottlenecks undermining campaign performance

Core Web Vitals

Identify friction points causing Google to deprioritize your site in rankings and customers to bounce prematurely

Aggregate Waterfall, Function Tracing and Website Filmstrips

Identify and address hidden JavaScript functions that cause blocking behavior and frustrate users

Conversion Rate A/B Testing

Identify pages where speed most impacts conversions and prioritize optimization efforts by ROI

Anomaly Detection for All 1st and 3rd Party Content

Identify friction caused by every piece of content on your site, to direct remediation efforts

Content Security Policy

Inventory all 1st & 3rd party domains, create a whitelist of approved domains, auto-generate and deploy your customized CSP

Customizable Performance Paths

Identify where friction is impacting steps in your performance path


Revenue Attribution

Calculate actual business impact of remediation efforts vs. goals

Executive Trend Report

Visualize performance trends over time across numerous variables across your website

What Changed Report

Analyze each object to see what was added, changed or moved with side-by-side comparison views

Milliseconds are Costing You Millions

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