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Are Third Party Tags Impacting Your Web Performance, Speed, and Revenue?

  • Analyze the performance, placement, and loading order of your third-party tags.
  • Calculate their cost to your site’s speed and revenue.
  • Optimize tag management and improve web performance, compliance, and revenue.
Domain Baseline Analysis

Smarter Tag Governance Starts Here

Blue Triangle's Tag Governance is purpose-built to help optimize your tag management and tag data.  Using a depth of analytics, you can improve your tagging in a way that will boost site speed, and as a result, grow revenue. 

Missing Tags and Inventory Page

Do you know what tags and services are loading on your website, and how they are impacting site performance and business KPIs? With Blue Triangle, you can identify tags, page-by-page, that are loading, those that are not, and whether they load before DOM interactive or after Onload.

With Blue Triangle's detailed analysis, you can gain a deeper understanding of how tags may be creating latency on your site or causing a poor customer experience, and trend tags when they reach a threshold. 

Average Resource Load Time by Domain

Do you know how long your tags are taking to load on your site and how that speed is trending over time?

Blue Triangle allows you to answer these questions, and more. We can show you changes in load duration, both the difference in load times and variation from the established baseline.

What are tags?

Tags are JavaScript code snippets embedded on a website. They serve many purposes, including web analytics, ad serving, and A/B testing. Since tags are responsible for much of a website’s content, they can come at a high cost to performance, compliance, and revenue when they slow down or are implemented incorrectly.

Stay safe from unwanted piggy-back tags

Third party technologies can bring unknown and dangerous piggy-back tags onto your site. Blue Triangle’s tag hierarchy illustrates every request that your tags are making so you can keep your site secure, compliant, and agile.
Tag Gov Hierarchy
Tag Gov Overview

Take control over your tags

Monitor real-time tags:

  • Placement
  • Loading order
  • Load time
  • Revenue impact
  • Page speed impact
  • Piggy-backs (4th party tags)

Know where your tags are loading (and where they aren’t). Be alerted if one of them slows down.

Identify tags impacting your web performance and revenue

Tags are valuable but can bring your site to a halt.
Blue Triangle is the only company that can calculate the performance and revenue cost of every third party tag on your website.
Tag Gov Inventory Analysis
RUM Aggregate Waterfall

Optimize when tags load

Visualize the loading order of all your first and third party tags, files, and domains. Our performance waterfalls take thousands of real-user sessions and combine them into one view so you can better diagnose page-level issues and prioritize tag optimization for best website performance.
“By partnering with Blue Triangle, we not only see what tags are on our site, but where they’re loading, who is responsible for them, and how they’re impacting our performance and revenue. Our team has shifted from simply auditing our tags to governing them.”

Richard Swann

Global Web Performance & Operations

Control your third party tags

Give customers a premier online experience without detrimental impacts to your performance and revenue.
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