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Release Notes 4.5.9

In by Rachel Grant / Jun 30, 2020

Below are the release notes for the push that went out in the EU late yesterday and in the US this morning, June 30, 2020.


  • Pager Duty integration for notification groups
  • Added the API JSON information to the Data Science graphs and RUM/Synthetic Page Performance Comparison
  • Redesign to the RUM/Synth JavaScript Errors pages that – marked with BETA tag
  • Old pages accessible until we get the full functionality working on the new pages
  • Added Service Status to the Service Profiles:  New, Banned, Required, Allowed
  • Service Profiles will now report on New, Banned, Required, or Allowed Services
  • Added change of Monitor Status to the Error State Tracking Log - will now log if the monitor has paused/disabled/enabled
  • Updated Conversions by Response Time, Conversions Over Time, Lost Revenue, and Bounce Rate emailed reports to use the API
  • Speed improvement to the Inventory Analysis page when viewing Synthetic Data – worst offender was around 1:30 seconds, is now between 3 to 10 seconds
  • Speed improvements to the queries that build the Revenue Opportunity/Revenue Attribution pages – same exact issue as the Inventory Analysis and same improvements


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue on the Error State Tracking page where if a measurement changed states from Clear to Warning/Critical when the monitor was paused, the page would break
  • Change to the Contracts page to show contracts up until then to be deleted date
  • Fixed an issue where the save as new monitor didn’t carry forward to Error State Tracking settings
  • Fixed an issue to the Highcharts hamburger menu where it would disappear on any emailed reports
  • Fixed an issue on the Error State Tracking Widget where the tooltip didn’t show the name of the configured monitor
  • Fixed an issue on the Performance Details page where the Page Views Scatterplot would show all pages when filtering by URL
  • Fixed an issue on the Inventory Analysis page where occasionally there would be too many columns in the table
  • Fixed a bug where changing the timezone would seemingly randomly change the selected time period – it wasn’t random, it was just bad math. It will now only change if you are attempting to view a time that hasn’t happened yet. For example, if you are looking at 12 pm to 3 pm eastern, at 3 pm eastern, then switch to pacific time, it won't let you select a time period in the future, so the end time will switch to 12 pm.
  • Fixed a bug where if you were viewing a different timezone than your browser’s, trying to look at daily data wouldn’t honor the dates that you selected
  • Fixed an issue where if your machine was in a timezone that didn’t observe daylight savings time, and you selected timezone in the portal that did observe dst, the generated query would be off by an hour
  • Fixed an issue where the Kolkata/Mumbai/New Delhi timezone didn’t exist in our portal
  • Fixed an issue where if your machine was in a timezone that was offset by a non-standard value, (ex: +5:30), the resulting query would be off by the number of minutes to the right of the “:” (Kolkata would always return data 30 minutes off)