Release Notes 4.5.9

June 30th, 2020

Below are the release notes for the push that went out in the EU late yesterday and in the US this morning, June 30, 2020.


  • Pager Duty integration for notification groups
  • Added the API JSON information to the Data Science graphs and RUM/Synthetic Page Performance Comparison
  • Redesign to the RUM/Synth JavaScript Errors pages that – marked with BETA tag
  • Old pages accessible until we get the full functionality working on the new pages
  • Added Service Status to the Service Profiles:  New, Banned, Required, Allowed
  • Service Profiles will now report on New, Banned, Required, or Allowed Services
  • Added change of Monitor Status to the Error State Tracking Log – will now log if the monitor has paused/disabled/enabled
  • Updated Conversions by Response Time, Conversions Over Time, Lost Revenue, and Bounce Rate emailed reports to use the API
  • Speed improvement to the Inventory Analysis page when viewing Synthetic Data – worst offender was around 1:30 seconds, is now between 3 to 10 seconds
  • Speed improvements to the queries that build the Revenue Opportunity/Revenue Attribution pages – same exact issue as the Inventory Analysis and same improvements


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue on the Error State Tracking page where if a measurement changed states from Clear to Warning/Critical when the monitor was paused, the page would break
  • Change to the Contracts page to show contracts up until then to be deleted date
  • Fixed an issue where the save as new monitor didn’t carry forward to Error State Tracking settings
  • Fixed an issue to the Highcharts hamburger menu where it would disappear on any emailed reports
  • Fixed an issue on the Error State Tracking Widget where the tooltip didn’t show the name of the configured monitor
  • Fixed an issue on the Performance Details page where the Page Views Scatterplot would show all pages when filtering by URL
  • Fixed an issue on the Inventory Analysis page where occasionally there would be too many columns in the table
  • Fixed a bug where changing the timezone would seemingly randomly change the selected time period – it wasn’t random, it was just bad math. It will now only change if you are attempting to view a time that hasn’t happened yet. For example, if you are looking at 12 pm to 3 pm eastern, at 3 pm eastern, then switch to pacific time, it won’t let you select a time period in the future, so the end time will switch to 12 pm.
  • Fixed a bug where if you were viewing a different timezone than your browser’s, trying to look at daily data wouldn’t honor the dates that you selected
  • Fixed an issue where if your machine was in a timezone that didn’t observe daylight savings time, and you selected timezone in the portal that did observe dst, the generated query would be off by an hour
  • Fixed an issue where the Kolkata/Mumbai/New Delhi timezone didn’t exist in our portal
  • Fixed an issue where if your machine was in a timezone that was offset by a non-standard value, (ex: +5:30), the resulting query would be off by the number of minutes to the right of the “:” (Kolkata would always return data 30 minutes off)