Additional Services

Blue Triangle offers additional services that don't fall under our traditional product offerings but can contribute to the success of your site.

With so many of us relying on video services during COVID, Blue Triangle has started measuring the quality of these services. With more of us relying on digital communications, we can also track email clicks through a customer journey on your site.

Read on to learn more about how Blue Triangle has solutions that might benefit your business.

Secure Site Crawl

Blue Triangle not only monitors your site, it can review for any questionable content. Blue Tringle can crawl your site looking for any problematic content that could be a problem for doing business in certain areas.

Email Tracking

Blue Triangle can track your email click-throughs and follow the customer journey. Embed our gif into your emails and follow the path from email and through your site with our customer journey.

Video Monitoring

With so many of us working remotely, hosting virtual classrooms, and attending telehealth appointments video and audio programs are more importnt now than ever. Blue Triangle can track issues within your path flow, and track network problems to healp streamline your customers experience.

We have earned the trust of industry leading brands like Marriott, Lululemon, The Home Depot, and many more.