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Enhanced Marketing Insights

  • Better understand and elevate your customers' online journey.
  • Track KPIs, campaigns, and A/B tests.
  • Improve customer engagement, revenue, and business outcomes.

Smarter Marketing Insights Start Here

Blue Triangle incorporates real-time analytics into your marketing initiatives to provide the valuable marketing insights needed to optimize your campaigns. Achieve more conversions by guiding your shoppers along the highest converting paths, and adjusting the paths that cause drop offs, abandonment, and bounces. 

Visualize your customer journey

Follow every path your customers take on your website -both converting and non-converting. 

Instantly identify your highest converting path for any page or campaign.

Immediately identify bottlenecks undermining the performance of your campaigns.
Marketing Insights instantly identifies your highest converting path for any page of campaign.
Marketing Insights to analyze your customers' response to your marketing campaigns in real-time.

Track campaigns live

Analyze your customers' response to your campaigns as soon as they launch. Identify marketing and technical issues impacting your revenue so you can quickly fine-tune your campaigns.

Understand your customers

Track key marketing and engagement metrics by campaign, referral source, geography, visitor type (new vs return) and more to amplify specific customer experiences.
Marketing Insights to track ket marketing and engagement metrics.
Marketing Insights to analyze the bottom of your funnel to identify where customers may be falling out of the purchase path.

Analyze bottom of the funnel

Do you know where customers are falling out of the purchase path? With Blue Triangle, monitor and manage in real-time your checkout process. See step-by-step conversion rates as your customers proceed through the funnel to immediately understand customer fallout and drop-off. 

Detect anomalies
and real-time marketing insights

Blue Triangle automatically detects when there are marketing and technical issues on your site. Real-time alerts detail the problem and help you find a solution fast.
Marketing Insights to detect when there are marketing and technical issues on your site.

Gain critical insights to better understand your customers' online journey.

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