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“I have a thousand problems on my eCommerce website.
I only care about the problems costing us money.”

Senior Director of Product, Big Box Retailer

The Continuous Experience Optimization Platform
You've Been Wishing For Is Here.

You know that friction on your website, whether it’s slow pages, broken links, out-of-stock items, or something hidden deep below the surface, is costing you revenue. Real revenue, because frustrated site visitors will jump to a competitor’s frictionless site to get what they need.

But removing friction is like playing whack-a-mole, with too many slow pages, too many impossible-to-diagnose issues, and too many disconnected monitoring and analysis tools across departments to know what to strike first. Which leaves you and your team going in circles with guesswork, debates, and frustration.

To build customer trust and loyalty in the digital age, you need a platform that is purpose-built to help you deliver frictionless digital experiences that will recapture lost revenue and drive better business outcomes.

Blue Triangle’s Continuous Experience Optimization Platform is the answer you seek (Zoltar the Fortune Teller – and our 100+ leading customer brands – agree).

Unlike observability tools or digital experience management solutions, we start and end with business outcomes. This unique, rebellious approach defies what the industry thinks is possible.

The Blue Triangle platform enables you to:

Like the directions on your shampoo bottle; rinse and repeat. To continually optimize the customer experience.

Like the directions on your shampoo bottle; rinse and repeat. To continually optimize the customer experience.

Using disconnected tools, not having visibility into all data, and wasting investments on optimization projects that don’t improve revenue isn’t what digital experience management should be. So, we’re putting an end to the old way. And connecting your website traffic to business outcomes

How Blue Triangle Works

So, how do we do it? By unlocking and combining all your synthetic and real user monitoring data to calculate revenue opportunity and the precise cost of friction across every page and customer experience.

With Blue Triangle, teams can focus their efforts on creating a measurably-better frictionless digital experience and driving more revenue and customer loyalty.

How Blue Triangle Works
Make every optimization a business decision
Continuously improve decision-making effectiveness.
Destroy pesky team silos and improve collaboration

Make every optimization a business decision

Leverage insights from every customer journey to provide clear, prescriptive recommendations and tying each optimization back to revenue.

Continuously improve decision-making effectiveness.

Boost decision-making efficiency by prioritizing where to allocate precious resources based on the cost and business impact of customer friction.

Destroy pesky team silos and improve collaboration

Break down organizational silos with a unified customizable dashboard with your business, marketing, technical, and security KPIs, creating a common language for functional teams to unify around.

Last year, we uncovered an unbelievable $2.7 Billion for many
of the world’s leading online and omnichannel brands.

Aloft hotels
La quinta
Courtyard hotels
Ballard designs
Garnet hill
Kate spade
Living spaces
Kaiser Permanente 2008
Radisson hotels
Hawthorn suits
Residence inn
St regis
Urban outfitters
Diamonds direct
Walgreens boots alliance
Home depot

How much is revenue-robbing friction costing you?

Don’t spend another sleepless night worrying about slow webpages and site friction. We’ll help you get more sleep and revenue.

Listen and learn how experts at leading brands combat friction every day to create frictionless digital experiences.

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