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Blue Triangle’s
Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)

Solutions to monitor and analyze your end-user experience with your web application.

As the web has become more abstract with cloud and SaaS components it has become increasingly difficult to create a great digital experience for your users. Blue Triangle’s set of tools places the control back in your hands by placing you in the shoes of your customers.

Our enterprise-grade solutions use Real User and Synthetic data in a DEM context. Blue Triangle monitor’s but also predicts and detects anomalies in your application. Giving your users the best possible experience will increase your application’s ability to meet your business goals.

Whether the goal is to increase revenue from online sales or increase productivity by improving performance, we can help. Our solutions pair well with any type of web application be it a small in-house app, to very large SaaS and cloud solutions. We can scale to your needs.

DEM Diagram

See What Our Customer’s Are Saying

Aaron Anderson

“Every day, we rely on Blue Triangle to show us the experience our customers are getting from our systems; it is also the first place we check to see if customers are being impacted by any given issue.”

Aaron Anderson
Sr Director Software Engineering


Jeff Palumbo

“Blue Triangle is all the good stuff and none of the BS you get with other tools. The data is accurate and actionable.”

Jeff Palumbo
Analytics & Strategy

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