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Last year, we uncovered an unbelievable $2.7 Billion for many
of the world’s leading online and omnichannel brands.

Aloft hotels
La quinta
Courtyard hotels
Ballard designs
Garnet hill
Kate spade
Living spaces
Kaiser Permanente 2008
Radisson hotels
Hawthorn suits
Residence inn
St regis
Urban outfitters
Diamonds direct
Walgreens boots alliance
Home depot

The first, best and only platform purpose-built for
Continuous Experience Optimization

Go from Guessing to KNOWING.

Quantify opportunity and know how much customer friction is costing you by page.

By leveraging Blue Triangle’s customer journey analytics, you can calculate the real business impact of problems on your website. Instead of guessing how much friction is costing you, you’ll know the impact precisely, page by page. And just as importantly, you’ll understand the revenue opportunity to be gained by reducing friction so you can achieve maximum ROI.

Go from Guessing to KNOWING

Go Beyond Alerts to INSIGHTS.

Get a pulse of every factor impacting customer experiences with a unified customizable dashboard.

Every red light is not the same. Nor is every business opportunity. Blue Triangle gives you unified tracking of technical, security, business and marketing KPIs like broken links, out of stock, bounce and exit rates and much more – all in a single customizable dashboard. Digital experience monitoring is just part of the story. Imagine the power of actionable insights that tell you which problems are robbing you of the most revenue, so you can fix them before they impact your search traffic, paid media efficiency and conversion rates.

Go Beyond Alerts to INSIGHTS

Evolve Finger Pointing to PINPOINTING.

Leverage customer journey insights to provide prescriptive remediation guidance for your engineers.

How do you know if you’re fixing the right problems at the right time? With customer journey analytics, you’ll pinpoint the precise sources of friction in your customer’s journey. You’ll gain instantaneous visibility to waterfall, tag impact, function tracing and other factors to create a blueprint of how to resolve the most critical issues. Because fixing a problem that doesn’t result in a better user experience or increased revenue is nothing but wasted time.

Evolve Finger Pointing to PINPOINTING

Replace Hunches with PROOF.

Validate your friction-removal efforts by linking technical remediation to customer experience improvements for true ROI.

Any DEM solution can tell you if your technical issues have been resolved. But has the customer experience improved? Did it result in a positive ROI? Only Blue Triangle enables you to validate that your remediation efforts achieved or exceeded the expected outcomes because only Blue Triangle starts by quantifying the revenue opportunity. Go beyond technical resolution to indisputable proof as shown with a positive ROI.

Replace Hunches with PROOF

See How Your Website Measures Up

How does your website stack up against the speed and performance of your peers? Dare to compare with our industry benchmarks powered by synthetic monitoring.

What is friction stealing from you?

Revenue-robbing friction doesn't just cost you. It funds your competitors. How much are you losing?

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