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Business Analytics

Do you know your highest performing path? Optimize the customer journey and conversion paths with real-time Blue Triangle Business Analytics focused on the relationship between site performance and revenue.

Prioritize Optimizations with Revenue

Gain valuable insights with Blue Triangle Business Analytics to speed up the areas of your website that will bring you the most revenue - down to an accurate dollar amount on every web page! Prioritize optimizations by web page, device, browser, geography, new versus returning visitors, traffic source and medium, A/B test variant, and more. 
Blue Triangle Business Analytics provides actionable insights and visibility to speed up areas of your site to realize the most revenue.
Blue Triangle Business Analytics helps prioritize your web performance initiatives to maximize your return on investment.

Understand How Web Performance Impacts Your Business KPIs

Connect web performance to business metrics in one, centralized view to visualize how tolerant your customers are to the speed of your site, down to the millisecond.

With Blue Triangle Business Analytics, automatically identify pages where speed most impacts conversions and locate the pages that are sensitive to site slowness to prioritize initiatives and maximize your budget to benefit from the best return on investment. 

Effective Conversion Rate Testing

Traditional A/B variant testing does not include the impact that page speed can have on conversion. With Blue Triangle, however, you can now see how page load time can impact conversion for different page designs.
Blue Triangle Business Analytics measures how page load time can impact onlibne conversions and revenue.

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