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Can friction serve a positive purpose?

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Surprising ways adding Purposeful Friction to a digital experience can improve the user experience. And benefit your company as well. At Blue Triangle, we are passionate about helping brands create ...

3 Strategies to Maximize Conversions NOW

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Is Your Site or App a Leaky Bucket? Plug the Holes and Convert More of the Traffic You’re...

Prioritizing Friction Points with the Most Potential to Move the Needle

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Five ways to help your digital product teams focus efforts to remove user friction,...

7 Reasons Every Team Impacting UX and Digital Experiences Should Care About Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are an important and objective benchmark for measuring user experience, making them metrics every team should consider. As Mike Lively, SVP of Engineering at Slickdeals, says on The

Guide to Mobile App Analytics: Everything You Need to Know

With the surge of eCommerce and mobile apps, understanding the customer journey across all digital touchpoints is crucial for businesses. In fact, more than 65% of US smartphone users will use retail apps

How the Pandemic Forever Changed How Retail Brands Compete

Smart retailers have adapted to the "New Normal" by focusing on delivering frictionless digital customer experiences. How do retailers respond when a once-in-a-lifetime, unforeseen pandemic shuts down all

Why Digital Friction is a Big League Problem

Learn the fives steps to unify your team around driving costly-friction out of your digital experiences to improve conversions, revenue and customer loyalty. Have you ever watched a team of four-year-olds play

Why Earning Customer Trust is the First Step to Digital Success in B2B Purchases

Use these 5 principles to earn the right to transact and keep transacting through the customer's lifecycle. In today's digital-first world, people enjoy the freedom to transact with companies without going

Enhanced Mobile Native App Support with Blue Triangle

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Why is a frictionless user experience necessary in mobile app development? When users visit your app, you have only a few moments to win their trust and convert them into customers. A high-performing,

How to Begin Your Tool Rationalization Journey

What to do when budgets are scrutinized and tools are rationalized? Two words: Prove ROI. Since mid-2023, the buzz surrounding "tools rationalization" has reverberated across boardrooms and budget discussions.

Silent Conversion Killers are Secretly Costing You Millions in Lost Revenue

Blue Triangle is like having a Chief Conversion Rate Officer on speed dial. So you can get answers to the questions you should be asking to quantify and resolve costly friction. Navigating the often murky

3 Strategies to Overcome Developer Bias and Product Bias

Are you meeting your customers where they are? With the average global internet user spending almost 7 hours online each day, providing a frictionless digital experience is crucial for the success of any