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Global Leaderboard

Vertical Company Time to Interactive (Seconds) Google PageSpeed Score(Mobile) Largest Contentful Paint (Score)
Retail 1-800 Contacts 1.500.67 18 0 1.90 0.37
Finance AIG 1.03 0.01 17 0 0.99 -0.09
Travel & Hospitality Aegean Airlines 9.02 -0.15 8 -2 4.01 1.31
Streaming Media ABC News 4.37 -1.25 8 -1 1.80 0.03
SaaS Platforms ADP 6.14 -0.25 7 -1 1.89 0.87
Healthcare Roche 3.59 -0.01 4 0 2.48 0.01

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