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Strategic Design Thinking in the Phygital Age: An Interview with Paul Stonick


In this interview, Paul Stonick, Vice President of SCADpro at the Savannah College of Art and Design, discusses the significance of design and aesthetics in creating data-oriented digital experiences.

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Here are a few takeaways from Elevating Customer Experience and Business Value Through Design with Paul Stonick of SCADpro

1. One notable project Stonick mentions is the redesign of Chick-fil-A's drive-thru experience, which introduced the "phygital" solution of ordering in advance using tablets. This combination of digital and physical elements resulted in an enhanced experience, both for the customer and the business.

2. Stonick emphasizes that aesthetics encompasses not only visual design but also user experience, content strategy, and heuristics. Design should ultimately provide business value through metrics like revenue and conversions that leadership cares about to justify design and UX investments.

3. Leading companies like eBay and Tesla are examples of exceptional digital experiences achieved through personalization, elegant design, building trust, and meeting customer expectations.

4. To improve design thinking that elevates the customer experience and drives business outcomes, organizations need executive buy-in by connecting design to key performance indicators. Empowering design teams and internal "evangelists" can also drive change.

5. Stonick highlights the importance of presenting outcomes rather than just ideas, with data and research supporting the value of design.

Stonick's insights shed light on the role of design and aesthetics in crafting impactful digital, physical, and "phygital" experiences. Ultimately, cultivating a design-led culture that focuses on business value, trust, and frictionless experiences is crucial for success.

Companies must invest in valuing design to reap its benefits, from transforming customer experiences to shifting your organization's culture to embrace innovation and impacting your bottom-line results.

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