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How Employee Experience Impacts Your Bottom Line and Customer Success


As consumers ourselves, we recognize the value of a frictionless customer experience.

And brands that deliver them are ones that we want to support and become loyal to. But the value of delivering a frictionless employee experience is often less intuitive for executives to grasp because, well, it can be much harder to quantify.

On an episode of The Frictionless Experience, hosts Chuck Moxley and Nick Paladino brought in an expert on employee experience, Dennis Perpetua, Global CTO and CXO of Digital Workplace Services at Kyndryl.

Putting People First: Prioritizing the Employee Experience for Business Success


Dennis shares his decades of expertise on how the employee experience correlates to productivity, financial performance, and overall business metrics.

As well as what aspects a company should focus on to create a frictionless digital workplace that empowers customer success and bottom-line growth. 

During this podcast episode, they explore:

  • How frictionless employee experiences contribute to positive customer experiences and how companies can measure and connect employee experiences with business outcomes.
  • Dennis' valuable insights from leading the transition of 90,000 IBM employees and consolidating over 1,300 internal applications to just 300 during the spinoff of Kyndryl.
  • The importance of Experience Level Agreements (XLAs) in measuring and aligning employee experiences with corporate strategic initiatives, and how they differ from CSAT or NPS.
  • Why it's crucial to consider the cost of replacing an unhappy employee and the significant loss in employee productivity when addressing employee friction.
  • The potential of generative AI in personalizing customer and employee experiences by removing friction in support interactions.
This engaging conversation offers tremendous insights into frictionless employee experiences. Here are 3 of my takeaways:

1. Streamline the employee experience: Optimize business processes, automate tasks, and drive technology adoption to boost productivity. Learn from Kyndryl's transformation, where they modernized and consolidated their operating stack, adopting Microsoft solutions for seamless collaboration.

2. Connect employee experience with business outcomes: Convince C-Suites of the value by addressing employee friction and quantifying experience gaps with Experience Level Agreements. Engaged and empowered employees deliver exceptional customer experiences and foster brand loyalty.


3. Leverage employee data for insights: Use employee data to identify areas that need adjustment, correlate with business outcomes, and improve productivity based on employee sentiment.

Additionally, and quite excitingly, Dennis highlighted a prominent trend he sees taking place this year: the use of generative AI to reduce digital employee friction and personalize experiences.

As companies are racing to figure out how to apply AI in the workplace, listening to Dennis's episode of The Frictionless Experience might be a good first step.

Frictionless Employee Experience

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