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A Disruptive Marketer and Data Punk's Take on Analytics and Design


"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works," said the legendary Steve Jobs.

When it comes to design, the ultimate goal is to create a frictionless experience for the user, not only meeting their basic needs and expectations but going above and beyond to remove friction and deliver a distinctly memorable experience.

On an episode of The Frictionless Experience, hosts Chuck Moxley and Nick Paladino had a chance to interview a data and design visionary, Geoffrey Colon, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Dell Technologies.

Operating at the intersection of marketing, tech, and pop culture, Geoff is a self-described Disruptive Marketer and Data Punk with over 15 years of experience pushing the boundaries of data-driven design to create inspiring and frictionless user experiences.

Design & Data: The Unexpected Power Couple with Geoff Colon from Dell

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During the interview, Geoff gives a masterclass on how companies can harness data and design to strip away friction, create experiences that wow users, and achieve radical results.

Here are a few takeaways from the episode:

1. A combination of design and engineering thinking is critical when creating digital experiences, especially when the buying experience can be lengthy. Building a diverse team of creative and scientific minds plays a vital role in ensuring the success of those experiences.

2. Companies must stop using "herd mentality" and blindly copying other companies' brand experiences. Instead, organizations should focus on creating unique and enjoyable experiences for their customers. Here are 3 strategies to avoid "herd mentality" and design innovative, frictionless experiences.

Geoff Colon on The Frictionless Experience

3. Designing a B2B experience often involves similar considerations as designing for B2C experiences. Understanding visitors, their communication needs, and objectives are key factors in creating impactful experiences.

4. Digital experiences should focus first on inspiring and educating customers rather than bombarding visitors with information about themselves. Then, guiding them towards a purchase decision and post-purchase journey to build lasting connections.

5. Brands should focus on experience and design based on human behavior and the explorative nature of humanity. A human-centric design approach enhances conversion opportunities and fosters a reciprocal connection with the audience.
Customers may not always follow the intended path, so product teams must anticipate various user steps and potential obstructions.

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6. Sometimes, a company itself can become obstructionist, creating unnecessary customer friction because it's easier for them instead of thinking about what's easiest or best for customers.

7. Companies can create meaningful change by using analytics and creativity to make optimizations, understand the data, and reimagine the customer experience, driving new, innovative directions in digital experiences.

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By incorporating these insights from Geoff Colon, organizations can pave the way for exceptional customer experiences and long-term success to stand out in a sea of digital sameness.


Data and Design to Create a Frictionless Experience

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