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The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Preparedness for Retailers and eCommerce Websites

While holiday cheer is in the air, so is economic uncertainty. If you're worried about Cyber Week, fear not! We have the relief you need below.

Every Shopper Matters This Holiday Season

Months of planning and preparation go into developing a successful digital experience strategy for the holiday season. With so much at stake this year to hit your revenue goals, every shopper matters. So kick off the holiday season right by giving customers exactly what they want - a seamless online experience.


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of consumers say page speed affects their decision to buy from an online retailer.


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of online shoppers who have a dissatisfying digital customer experience are less likely to buy from the same site again.eCommerce website.


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Each year, retailers and eCommerce websites rely on the busy holiday shopping season to make a large portion of their annual sales and revenue.

Holiday Rewind: The Ghost of Cyber Week Past

Another holiday season has come and gone, and with it, the holiday shopping experience continues to change. Cyber Week, running from Thanksgiving Day through Black Friday to Cyber Monday, accounts for 20% of total holiday revenue. What did the 2021 holiday season look like? Retailer and eCommerce Cyber Week results came in below expectations. Here's what we found.
Each year, retailers and eCommerce websites rely on the busy holiday shopping season to make a large portion of their annual sales and revenue.

Is Your Website's User Experience on the Naughty or Nice List?

Preparing for the holiday eCommerce event of the year ahead of time allows you to enjoy the holidays, too! Here's what you need to know to stay ahead of the competition and make this a happy, profitable holiday season.
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Find out how Slickdeals became digital experience optimization champions and discovered millions in hidden revenue.
When it comes to your eCommerce website, every second counts!
Are you leaving millions of dollars on the table by not addressing slow web pages? While it is widely understood that poor Core Web Vitals (CWV) can lead to lower SEO rankings and site traffic, and that slow page speed negatively impacts conversion rates, online businesses cannot optimize their websites unless they know where site performance is impacting sales, and by how much.
10x Graphic
Online retailers can receive a spike in traffic as much as 10x their normal levels during Cyber Week. So, it is critical to check your website speed and load time.
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If it takes a website 3 seconds or longer to load, 40% of site visitors will abandon that website and likely go to a competitor. We've found that even a 1 second slowdown can cost an online business between 6% to 13% of its total revenue.
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During November 2021, we identified $527.4 million in revenue opportunities for our clients just by addressing their site issues. Watch how you too can prioritize digital experience optimizations by its revenue and business impact.
Ensure your customers come away from every experience with your brand feeling as jolly as the big man in the red suit.
Every eCommerce team must understand where and how much performance impacts the user experience to effectively remediate poor conversions. By isolating the source of customer frustration and sales bottlenecks, you can make real-time adjustments that improve the digital customer experience.
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of online shoppers noticed out-of-stock products over the 2021 holiday season.

In addition to lost revenue for your online business, out of stocks provide a poor digital experience for your customers. As customers make their wish list, and check it twice, you need to make sure you have the right inventory in place. If you understand the business impact of out-of-stock items you can prioritize restocking what your customers most demand to reduce customer journey friction and improve conversions.
23% Graphic
of website visitors that encounter a broken link make a second attempt to find the missing page.

Do you know how much broken links on your website are costing you? For many retailers and eCommerce websites, it could be tens of millions of dollars! Not only is revenue at stake, but so is SEO and Google search rankings, user experience, and your brand's reputation. Watch the video!
Sleigh the holiday season with healthy Core Web Vitals!
Google rewards or penalizes websites based on its Core Web Vitals, which measure the digital user experience. SEO ratings are essential for business success, and good performance scores can help you stay on top of search rankings and ahead of the competition, especially during the holiday season.
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of traffic to the Top 1000 eCommerce website comes from organic seach.

The Stakes Are Higher This Holiday Shopping Season. It Pays to Be Prepared!

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