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On-Demand Webinar: How to Measure, Debug, and Improve Core Web Vitals


Are you constantly watching your Core Web Vitals and comparing your performance to competitors?

It's easy to know what your scores are, but not why they're stagnant or how to fix the problem.

Watch the on-demand webinar co-presented with Google.

Google uses Core Web Vitals (CWV) to measure the experience users receive from your site, including page loading, interactivity, and stability.

Having favorable CWV scores means a better user experience, which, in turn, impacts conversions and revenue. Google will also place a premium on your site for higher search engine rankings, making your site more discoverable.

Despite investing in observability tools and using tools like Google's PageSpeed Insights field data to measure scores, teams are often still left wondering how to debug and improve their Core Web Vitals.

Join Kerrion Burton-Evans from Blue Triangle and Barry Pollard from Google for an informative session on understanding Core Web Vitals, its business impact, and best practices.

Learn how to go deep beneath your scores to quickly figure out what's impacting each metric and precisely how to improve them based on real-world data from actual users visiting your site.




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