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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Blue Triangle platform? Here are the answers to the questions that we hear most often. If you have another question, get in touch and we are happy to answer it!

Blue Triangle is the only complete digital platform purpose-built for continuous experience optimization. We start by quantifying the revenue loss due to customer friction points, so you know precisely what each slow page on your website is costing you. We then help you understand where to prioritize your efforts in resolving user struggles based on business and digital customer experience impact, and provide a cross-functional prescriptive blueprint to guide your efforts in resolving friction points. And finally, we validate that these changes achieved or exceeded the expected business outcomes. Most importantly, we begin and end with business outcomes throughout this cycle. This repeatable, positive feedback loop powers your continuous experience optimization efforts.

Blue Triangle is for companies across industries (eCommerce and retail, healthcare, banking, financial services, travel, hospitality, tourism, gaming, and media, to name a few) that have built a culture of continually improving their customers’ digital experience. And especially companies driven by a relentless pursuit of improving business outcomes.

A key strength of Blue Triangle is our ability to enable cross-team collaboration. With Blue Triangle, you can go from finger-pointing to pinpointing the precise sources of customer journey friction. We provide prescriptive, cross-functional guidance to help make data-driven decisions. That’s one reason why technical teams and business users love Blue Triangle. Whether you’re a C-Suite executive or in marketing, product, digital experience, IT, site reliability, or security – Blue Triangle is for you.

Blue Triangle operates worldwide, supporting customers and partners across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

We rely on revenue data collection for conversion rate curve calculations and other key reports and analytics, such as page views, sessions, etc. We can capture what you need to understand the user experience, errors, and struggles. It’s important that enough data be collected to accurately assess your customers’ sensitivity to page performance.

Our signature Conversion Rate Curve shows the conversion rate as it relates to total traffic volume and page load time on your website. This isn’t a sampling of your data, but rather captures 100% of all real user experiences on your site. It’s based on the unique relationship you have with your own customers, meaning it gives you insights into the behaviors of your customers as they navigate your site and receive a variety of page speed experiences.

Absolutely! Blue Triangle supports web and native mobile applications on Android and iOS. If you are driven by or looking to build a culture of performance and business outcomes and operate a high-traffic site, give us a try!
For us to begin collecting data, you’ll need to add the Blue Triangle JavaScript Tag to your website. Implementation is a quick and easy process that can be done with or without a Tag Manager. We’ll begin collecting data as soon as the tag is on your site, and within the Blue Triangle Portal, you can even watch the data ramp up!

Adding the Blue Triangle tag for data capture on your site will have no noticeable performance impact to end users. In keeping with our best practices, it is single-threaded, non-blocking, concurrent, and asynchronous. So it doesn’t affect the user experience or blocks your pages or other resources from loading.  

Blue Triangle does not collect personally identifiable information. We encrypt and pseudonymize information as required for continuous experience optimization at collection. We are committed and strictly adhere to all applicable statutes, regulations, and standards affecting the security and protection of customer data.

Many of our customers use us alongside other traditional analytics platforms because we complement each other very well. Digital Experience Management (DEM) and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools only focus on identifying problems and fall short in quantifying the business impact of those friction points. And when every team has its own tools, you often end up with even more confusion and finger-pointing. On the other hand, with Blue Triangle, you remove the guesswork and can understand the ROI of every optimization made to your site, beginning and ending with business outcomes.  

Check out our Partners page if you haven’t already! We have effortless, two-way integrations with many solutions to fit nicely in your technology stack and digital ecosystem.

Let’s talk! We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have about Blue Triangle.

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