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Now You Can Turn
Observability into

Validate with Indisputable Proof that Your Optimization Efforts Achieved Your Desired Business Outcomes

How Can We Validate Business Outcomes from Improving Site Speed?

Any digital experience management or cloud observability solution can tell you if technical friction points have been resolved. But how has the customer experience improved? And did optimizations result in revenue uplift or deliver a greater return than the amount spent to fix the problem?

As more companies reduce costs and struggle with budget cuts, teams are challenged to do more with less and prove the business value of their optimization efforts. 

Blue Triangle enables teams to validate the positive return on investment from their friction removal efforts and revenue gains attributed to their digital experience optimization projects

The Blue Triangle platform enables you to:

Explore All of the Ways Blue Triangle Customers Validate Outcomes on their Websites and Mobile Apps

Get the answers to your critical
questions that you can’t get from
your observability platform alone.

Last year, we uncovered an unbelievable $2.7 Billion for many
of the world’s leading online and omnichannel brands.

How much is revenue-robbing friction costing you?

Don’t spend another sleepless night worrying about slow webpages and site friction. We’ll help you get more sleep and revenue.