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Observability Tools Alone
Aren’t Enough.

Resolve Friction by Diving Deeper into the Problem and Uncovering Hidden Issues to Deploy the Perfect Fix.

How can we find hidden friction sources on our site?

Digital observability tools focused on engineering-based outcomes are fantastic at detecting technical issues on your site. But it’s only the starting point and not the magical answer or final piece of the puzzle to create frictionless digital experiences that maximizes your revenue and builds eternal customer trust and loyalty.

Fast Is Fine. Accuracy Is Everything.

When a problem is found, a red blinking light goes off. It’s only detecting a symptom. Not its root cause or business impact. And realistically there’s never just one problem. Though wouldn’t that be nice!

Now, fires are spreading. Confusion is setting in. And fingers are getting pointed. Maybe some middle fingers, too.

It can be overwhelming for many teams to know which blazing inferno to extinguish first. So, developers and engineers play a time-consuming game of Whack-a-Mole. After all, friction can pop-up from anywhere.

That’s where Blue Triangle comes in. Our platform provides you with laser-focused precision to diagnose and prioritize every alert, regardless of the team where it originated.

The Blue Triangle platform enables you to:

Explore All of the Ways Blue Triangle Customers Resolve Friction on their Websites and Mobile Apps

Get the answers to your critical
questions that you can’t get from
your observability platform alone.

Last year, we uncovered an unbelievable $2.7 Billion for many
of the world’s leading online and omnichannel brands.

How much is revenue-robbing friction costing you?

Don’t spend another sleepless night worrying about slow webpages and site friction. We’ll help you get more sleep and revenue.