Data Science


Is page speed impacting the success of my Google PPC campaigns?

Shoppers that experienced the site in 2 seconds spent $1.3m, but shoppers that experienced the site in 6 seconds spent $224k.


Did the Google DoubleClick issue on March 13 impact my revenue?

Page speed increased by 14 seconds and revenue per hour dropped by $35k.

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Instant & Intuitive

Building analyses in Data Science takes less than a minute, and results come back instantly.

No Query Limits

Whether you’re analyzing 500 million or 500 thousand data-points, we won’t limit your access.

Rapid Implementation

Our JavaScript tag is easy to add to your website. Since it doesn’t load in the head and weighs less than 11kB, it won’t impact your performance.

Full Customization

Compare multiple time periods and metrics. See relationships in your data like never before.

Advanced Filtering

Filter analyses by page, device, geography, traffic source, visitor type (new vs return), converted vs non-converted and more.

Mobile App & SPA Support

Monitor real-time performance of any mobile app (Android and iOS) and single page application (SPA).

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