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JavaScript is an essential aspect of building engaging sites, but it can drastically affect the way pages load. Like any other file building a web page, JavaScript needs to load before it can function. The size of JavaScript files along with the way these files are delivered both affect the load [...]



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Is my online business genuinely impacted by the speed and quality of my eCommerce or eBusiness website? The answer is a definite yes, but results vary from site to site and from one page to the next, depending on the design and other factors. Product pages can see a 40% to [...]



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Acquiring quality traffic isn’t cheap or easy. For all your effort, you can’t afford to give these visitors a reason to leave. The customers headed for your exit will simply seek out same or similar products elsewhere, making your site a significant demand-driver for your competitors’ sites. If you are a stakeholder in your company’s site performance, it’s essential to focus on the 5 most [...]