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3 Reasons Blue Triangle and FullStory are Better Together

When it comes to your digital tech stack and choosing between engineering or business tools, it’s not a matter of this or that. It’s this and that because you don’t need to select one platform over the other.

When your cloud observability and digital experience solutions play in the same sandbox, you ultimately win. That’s the approach Blue Triangle and FullStory take, so you can uncover more site friction, make more informed optimizations, and convert more visitors for a healthier bottom line.

Blue Triangle and FullStory agree that digital user experiences have become a determining factor in the success or failure of any online or omnichannel company.

We’re not alone. By 2025, 70% of digital business initiatives will require IT leaders to report on users’ digital experience, up from less than 15% today.

Providing optimal end user experiences is more important than ever across industries and teams. Companies with a digital presence are seeing firsthand the impact it can have on KPIs like retention, traffic, and conversions.

Frictionless Digital Experiences Build Customer Trust and Loyalty

christian-wiediger-rymh7EZPqRs-unsplash (1)The early 2020s ushered in a new era of digital transformation and accelerated the shift to online by 5 years. Shockingly, 62% of online adults performed their first online transaction during this time, and for many, it was on Amazon.

Now, novice and digitally savvy consumers alike expect every digital experience they receive to be as fast, easy, and personalized as shopping on Amazon. In other words, a frictionless digital experience.

This expectation isn’t going away any time soon, and 81% of CEOs agree. Shifting much more toward a “digital first” experience and leaving physical in-store experiences a lower priority is likely to be a significant and enduring trend to build customer trust and loyalty.

Frictionless Digital Experiences Produce Tangible Business Outcomes

jp-valery-9BatP4ovW2I-unsplash (1)Across the entire customer journey, there’s countless friction points that consumers could encounter, such as a painfully slow-loading page, dreaded 404 errors, and broken functionality. Although from an IT perspective the digital experience may look good, your end-users can still experience it as “slow” and have a negative digital experience.

Which in turn, directly impacts your revenue and business outcomes. Research confirms friction results in revenue loss.

So, organizations struggling with delivering a frictionless digital experience across different channels and touchpoints will find it even more challenging to compete with other brands that excel at providing optimal user experiences.

That’s where Blue Triangle and FullStory come in to provide complementary benefits that elevate the quality of the digital experience you offer your users.

3 Business and User Experience Advantages of Using Blue Triangle and FullStory Together

1. Align Technology KPIs to Business Metrics to Foster Cross-Functional Collaboration

Sure, we have our differences.

The FullStory Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform proactively surfaces insights from billions of data points, helping many of the world’s most innovative consumer brands make evidence-based digital improvements that reduce costs and reclaim revenue.

Blue Triangle is the only Continuous Experience Optimization (CEO) platform that begins with quantifying friction and ends with validating business outcomes to help global leading brands resolve friction and drive frictionless digital experiences that maximize ROI.

But there’s natural overlap, too.

Like with one of our mutual customers, who has piloted a Blue Triangle and FullStory integration to make strategic business decisions, prioritize investments, and save millions.

clay-banks-xi-37Un_GjA-unsplash (1)When you’re talking about quantifying and resolving friction costing millions of dollars, that’s a number cross-functional teams can get behind and proves impressive bottom-line results that your CEO and Board care about.

By integrating both Blue Triangle and FullStory, you can build a bridge between all teams, including Marketing, Product Owners, and UI/UX, to overcome organizational silos. With a combined, comprehensive view of essential user experience data, and relating it to revenue and business outcomes, teams can communicate more effectively, work more efficiently, and actively collaborate to achieve a shared goal: optimizing the user experience.

2. Increase Your Business Value Using Blue Triangle and FullStory

Blue Triangle is keenly focused on helping companies quantify the cost of revenue-robbing friction in the digital experience. By understanding the correlation between conversions and performance, teams can quickly identify at-risk pages and prioritize which friction points to resolve first to realize the greatest impact on the user experience and business outcomes.

Plus, this way, teams won’t be wasting valuable time and precious resources chasing after optimization projects that will have little to no impact on the business.

FullStory can identify and quickly bubble up issues that are undermining performance. Having access to real-time conversion funnel performance and critical user data, such as dead clicks, error clicks and various custom events, can significantly reduce the mean time to resolution (MTTR).

As organizations seek out revenue opportunities, Blue Triangle’s Conversion Rate Curve can provide teams with insights into what can meaningfully move the needle of their business. Coupled with FullStory’s ability to surface issues jeopardizing successful outcomes, you can maximize your optimization initiatives.

3. Blue Triangle and FullStory Combined Tell the Complete Digital Experience Story

nick-seagrave-1tpLdmxki-c-unsplash (1)Bring the heat with customer journey mapping and analytics to gain a comprehensive understanding of user behavior, interactions, and friction points to uncover and identify areas of improvement.

Blue Triangle and FullStory are at the forefront of visualizing the customer journey and showing you exactly how users are navigating your site.

Blue Triangle’s customer journey analysis allows you to visualize all the different paths your users are taking. So, you can quickly identify your top converting paths (user flows that are resonating with your end users) or instantly identify friction (bottlenecks that are leading to abandonment).

FullStory’s journey mapping gets more granular and gives you the ability to add custom events and visualize them throughout the journey. This kind of impressive mapping will allow your team to see every user interaction and see if they start branching off and triggering certain events that you’ve configured.

With this data, you can pinpoint specific user interactions that occurred, making it very easy to reproduce a flow that users are taking, which plays a key role in MTTR. Also, you can even pull up the session replay of a specific step and get a visual breakdown of how that page performed.

Blue Triangle can reveal high level journeys and allow you to visualize all the different paths being taken; the top paths leading to conversions and the top paths leading to abandonments. FullStory can ease troubleshooting by providing granular journey data and session replays to quickly search for specific events, errors, or interactions to diagnose and fix bugs or usability issues.

Next Steps

By leveraging the strengths of Blue Triangle and FullStory together, you can gain comprehensive, actionable insights into site friction and user experience data to make smarter, faster, more high-impact optimizations that build loyalty and reclaims lost revenue.

 Learn more about seamlessly integrating Blue Triangle and FullStory.

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