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Black Friday 2017: The Fastest and Slowest Retail Websites

Web Performance

Online sales on Black Friday rose 24% from last year. With consumer confidence at a 17-year high, $1 million was spent online every single minute, and many of our retail clients saw their web traffic increase by 500%. 

For many retailers, an increase in traffic can result in unexpected slow-downs and outages. Target went down in 2015. Macy's went down last year. This year, Lowe's had a temporary outage Friday morning. These issues directly impact revenue.

So let's see how the top 25 retailers fared on Black Friday.

The findings in this post based on hundreds of home page measurements across 5 US locations using Blue Triangle's Synthetic Monitoring.

Black Friday Speed Rankings – Top 20 Retailers

 Who slowed down?

Who sped up?

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