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Webinar: How Slickdeals Uses Web Performance to Drive Revenue


About the Webinar

Your customers expect a fast experience, but exactly how much does the speed of your site impact your revenue? What, specifically, can you do today to improve web performance without needing countless hours of development?

Join Blue Triangle and Slickdeals as we discuss:

  • How to quantify the impact website speed has on your revenue
  • What Slickdeals does to create lightning-fast experiences that drive top-line revenue
  • How third-party tags can drag your site down


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Mike serves as the Vice President of Software Architecture at Slickdeals, the leading crowd-sourced shopping platform and a Top 100 site/app in the U.S with 11 million monthly active users generating over 1 billion visits annually. Mike is responsible for guiding the technology and platform decisions to help ensure Slickdeals' position as a leader in the deal space.


Tim has spent the past 14 years in the web and eCommerce site testing arena. During that time, many web and mobile commerce site owners have asked him how fast their site should be and how they could quantify the lost revenue that may exist on their site due to slower than optimal site speed.

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