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Monetize Your CDN


Looking to monetize your content delivery network? Thinking about switching providers?

You’ve come to the right place.

Blue Triangle can independently measure the revenue and performance impact any CDN has on your site.

The Business Case for Choosing a CDN

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We can help validate and justify your CDN investment

As you make changes to your current configuration, or are exploring alternative CDNs, our analytics can identify whether or not your CDN is making you money.

Give Your Team a Quantifiable ROI

Is a CDN promising you better site performance than what you currently have? We can predict and quantify the revenue and conversions gained from implementing any CDN, giving you a quantifiable ROI before you make any long-term decision.

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Use Cases

Should you Add Additional Acceleration?

If you are on the Demandware platform, does it make business sense to invest in CDN acceleration on top of Cloudflare? We can make this clear by quantifying the impact changes in site speed have on your actual sales.

Should you Make the Switch?

You've spent significant budget on your current CDN over the past 4 years. As the market has evolved, have other upcoming CDN players gotten better and do they provide equivalent service at less cost? You can test this theory for your site and use Blue Triangle as the measuring stick.

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