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DEM Solutions for Your Industry

  • Monitor and optimize website performance.
  • Analyze contextual business and marketing insights.
  • Proactively manage your customers' digital experience.
DEM Solutions

Take your website to its peak

The all-in-one digital experience management platform driving revenue growth, performance, and engagement for modern companies and their customers

eCommerce & Retail

Deliver a modern digital shopping experience that your customers have come to expect. With Blue Triangle's data-driven DEM solutions, gain a deep understanding of your customers' digital buying experience with full visibility into website performance reliability, which affects customers and conversion rates. 
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Travel & Hospitality

Blue Triangle provides a breadth of contextual insights into website performance, optimizations, and competitive comparisons to measure how you stack up to industry peers.  Gain visibility into site performance and the customer journey to maintain a competitive edge. 
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Financial Services

With millions of customers and transactions worldwide, modern financial institutions are expected to deliver a secure, reliable performing website and superior digital customer experience. With Blue Triangle, monitor your site performance and gain visibility into the customer experience all in one DEM platform. 
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Online Advertising

Ensure that all of your media content, digital ads, and tags perform as intended to deliver a frictionless, online customer experience. With comprehensive visibility into site performance, monitor reliability during peak traffic to identify and remedy slow-loading trouble spots, capture more revenue, and gain actionable insights from user behaviors. 
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Deliver high-quality digital experiences and gain real-time insights and visibility with Blue Triangle's analytics-driven DEM platform. Monitor your patients' and consumers' digital journey, while providing your organization with actionable insights to help improve revenue and thrive in the new digital experience economy. 

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