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Holiday eCommerce Planning Guide for Frictionless Digital Experiences

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Holiday eCommerce Planning Guide for Frictionless Digital Experiences

As the holiday eCommerce event of the year is quickly approaching, Blue Triangle has put together a complete guide to help retailers achieve their business objectives this Cyber Week. Whether you're an omnichannel or online business or both, the peak shopping season will be chock-full of challenges for teams to overcome, such as economic volatility and rising prices impacting the purchasing decisions of inflation-weary shoppers.

This eCommerce holiday season, every shopper matters! With talks of an impending recession dominating the news cycle, consumers will be more selective with how they spend their shrinking discretionary dollars. While the price and quality of goods matter, the most successful retailers understand that shoppers expect frictionless digital experiences.

An excellent place to start when thinking about your eCommerce holiday planning is to check your website speed and load time. When it comes to your eCommerce website during Cyber Week, every second counts in delivering a flawless digital experience. 

Be Careful Not to Cause a Website Traffic Jam!

Digital-savvy, financially-strained consumers will have even higher expectations for their online shopping experience this year. With online retailers potentially receiving a spike in traffic as much as 10x their normal levels during holiday peak, any noticeably slower website is doomed. 

Check out the video below for a holiday eCommerce strategy tip to ensure your website can handle a surge in traffic during Cyber Week.

Keys to Success This Holiday Season

The key to a successful Cyber Week is taking action now to identify areas of your website preventing you from delivering a friction-free digital experience that consumers have come to expect and addressing them now before the busiest shopping days of the season.

For more digital experience optimization strategies like the one above, watch the Holiday Readiness Webinar for Retailers and eCommerce Websites to learn how to:

  • Maximize the speed and performance of your website
  • Eliminate customer journey friction
  • Protect site visitors from harmful third-parties
  • Optimize your website for SEO and organic traffic
  • Reduce abandonment, exits, and bounces

Equipped with this retail holiday planning guide and support from your friends at Blue Triangle, you have everything you need to make 2022 your most successful year yet and keep your business growing for years to come!

From the Blue Triangle Team, Happy Holidays!

During the holiday rush, every shopper matters

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