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Office Hours with Blue Triangle: Coffee and Content Security Policies




About the Webinar

Join Blue Triangle as we have an open discussion on protections around Magecart and other Supply Chain attacks.

  • Challenges with protection
  • Current Security layers - how and what they protect
  • How to build your own CSP
  • Directives and options with CSP’s
  • Myth’s and Misconceptions with Content Security Policies



Tim has spent the last 20 years in the web and eCommerce site testing arena. During that time, many web and mobile commerce site owners asked him how fast their site should be and how they could quantify the lost revenue that may exist on their site due to slower than optimal site speed. He founded Blue Triangle to answer their questions.

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Gus Anderson has been working with Blue Triangle since 2018 as the Vice president of Digital Experience Strategy. Gus has worked across all facets of the digital experience world since 1989 and specializes in ecommerce security.

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