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Rachel Grant

Rachel Grant

Unlocking the Myths and Mysteries of Content Security Policies (CSPs)

About the Webinar The third part in our four-part webinar series on tag governance. Advanced level discussions into the protections, false assumptions, misunderstandings and misconceptions of a Content

Network Health Checks for Full Scope Analysis

Measuring the Health of Your Network to Maximize Uptime As with every aspect in your sphere of influence, you cannot manage what you do not measure. It is critical in today’s world of cloud and distributed

Anomaly Detection for Automating Site Monitoring

DEM Blog
Internet complexity impacts sites When it comes to the web, the name of the game is innovation. Networking protocols, web availability, and even hardware for spreading the Internet from ISPs has changed

Defend Your Site Against Cross Site Scripting and Other Supply Chain Attacks During COVID-19 Featuring F5

About the Webinar The second part in a four-part webinar series on tag governance. With more business than ever transacting online, cybercriminals are seizing the opportunity to capitalize. In this

Office Hours with Blue Triangle: Coffee and Content Security Policies

About the Webinar Join Blue Triangle as we have an open discussion on protections around Magecart and other Supply Chain attacks. Challenges with protection Current Security layers - how and what they

Magecart Attacks: I Can't Sleep At Night

About the Webinar The first of a four part webinar series on first and third-party tag governance. In this session, founder and CTO, Tim Grant, joins VP of Digital Performance Strategy, Gus Anderson,