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VitalScope Exposes the Hidden Reasons Behind Poor Core Web Vitals and How to Fix Them

Are you always watching your Core Web Vitals, comparing them to your competitors?

It can be frustrating if theirs are improving and yours aren’t. Or even worse, if yours are underperforming because that’s going to impact your Google search placement and provide an inferior user experience.

Spending countless hours trying to figure out why can be counterproductive and tools like Google Lighthouse don’t tell the whole story because they rely on synthetic measurements and only guess what the user experience might be like.

What you need is RUM. Not rum, a pirate’s drink of choice, but RUM as in Real User Monitoring.

We've released a new RUM feature in our Continuous Experience Optimization platform, VitalScope™ for Core Web Vitals, to help you overcome the confusion and improve your CWV scores and, in turn, providing a better, frictionless user experience and Google search rankings.

Stop Guessing What the Problem is and Start Knowing

Okay, so you've identified that your CWV scores are underperforming your competitors using Chrome User Experience (CrUX) data or Google Lighthouse.

It's easy to find your Core Web Vitals, but not why your scores are falling behind. Especially if you always watch and compare them to your competitors and want to get ahead.

Enter VitalScope. Like a microscope for Core Web Vitals, you can look deep beneath your CWV scores to find hidden problems compromising performance. This industry-first solution helps you understand the complex variables and factors influencing your CWV scores and gives you a prescriptive blueprint to fix them.

And guess what? It uses data from real users, not synthetic or lab mumbo jumbo, so you can actually debug your Core Web Vitals in the field.

Say goodbye to wasting time and resources guessing the problem and hello to actionable insights to identify and fix it.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Core Web Vitals

VitalScope isn't just another tool; it's a game-changing way to debug your Core Web Vitals. Blue Triangle incorporated the published guidance of the Google Developer Relations team to develop the industry’s first tool to quickly improve CWV scores and provide users with clear direction on what underlying elements are impacting their Core Web Vitals.

With its detailed insights on Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), and First Input Delay (FID),  businesses can optimize their websites for exceptional user experiences. VitalScope even provides insight into Interaction to Next Paint (INP), the new Core Web Vital metric replacing FID in 2024 so you can get ahead and start preparing now.

From identifying specific elements causing delays to trending data and making data-driven decisions, VitalScope is your fastest path to improving your CWV scores and Google search rankings, which impacts your bottom line.

VitalScope even provides insight to INP, the new Core Web Vital replacing FID in 2024 so you can get ahead and start preparing now.

Real-Life Customer Success Story

Blue Triangle customers who participated in the beta release of VitalScope are already seeing tangible benefits, like one eCommerce customer who was convinced that their declining LCP scores were due to unoptimized images.

They were ready to invest in a new image optimization platform until VitalScope came to their rescue to pinpoint the root cause of their underperforming scores and uncovered new improvement opportunities.

Within a week, they discovered the actual culprit: poor resource load delay.

By avoiding unnecessary expenses and focusing on the real issue, they improved their LCP scores while saving precious time and resources.

Commenting on this new capability, Melissa Mitchell, a Google Web Ecosystem Consultant, says: "We are excited to see the great work Blue Triangle is doing around Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) sub-part timings as a way to help their customers get actionable insights into improving their user experiences."

Watch the 20 Minute On-Demand Demo of VitalScope

Interested in seeing the technical capabilities of VitalScope that our friends at Google were raving about? Then watch this video demo to uncover the shocking truth about CWV's performance and the impact that VitalScope can have on business decisions.

Knowing Your CWV Scores is Not Enough

Core Web Vitals can make or break the user experience and your Google search rankings. With VitalScope, you can quickly improve your Core Web Vitals and transform your website into a lightning-fast, user-friendly, and visually stable powerhouse.

Remember, it's not just about knowing your CWV scores; it's about creating frictionless digital experiences that build customer trust and loyalty and drives business growth.

So, get in touch with your Blue Triangle Customer Success Manager to get started using VitalScope today. Or contact us to learn more.

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