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Blue Triangle Announces New Industry-Leading Capabilities

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bluetriangle November 3, 2015

The First Web Monitoring Service to Link Business Value with IT: Blue Triangle Announces New Industry-Leading Capabilities

As innovators in the web performance space, Blue Triangle Technologies now adds further value to its core real-user analytics by offering synthetic monitoring, giving a full 360-degree view on online business performance.

Blue Triangle gives companies a full, unparalleled 360-degree view of their site’s performance, doubling the value of current website monitoring providers.

Blue Triangle Technologies, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) website monitoring company, has provided the missing link between web performance and online business value since the company’s inception in 2011. Their real user monitoring (RUM) solution is able to pinpoint which pages have revenue opportunity from speed improvements and where performance issues are impacting sales. As the holiday season approaches, online retailers like Microsoft Store and Billabong are using Blue Triangle to monitor their site’s performance to support maximized revenue.

To better empower both the IT operations and the business sides of online retailers, the company has released its synthetic monitoring component that compliments their real user feature-set.

Blue Triangle’s synthetic monitoring saves online businesses time, money, and headaches by eliminating the need for scripting and reducing overhead costs. Their single-page synthetic solution measures and alerts on site availability using a real browser and captures all Object Level Detail and Navigation Timings for http and https pages. The data is further enhanced with real-time screen recording. All this, combined with Blue Triangle’s proprietary end-user monitoring capabilities give companies a full, unparalleled 360-degree view of their site’s performance, doubling the value of current website monitoring providers.

“At Blue Triangle, we continually innovate ways to make data more actionable,” states CEO Donald Foss. “When a customer logs into our portal and sees both behavioral and predictive analytics from their end users as well as vital reporting on their site’s availability and error codes, it paints a vivid picture on how performance is impacting their site.”

The company’s synthetic monitoring feature is available within their eRevenueInsights and eMarketingInsights solutions. A Free 30-Day Trial is available for these products.

About Blue Triangle Technologies

Blue Triangle Technologies pioneered web performance monitoring by quantifying the impact page speed has on the decision to buy. Their unique and powerful real-user analytics platform identifies revenue opportunity from page speed improvements and pinpoints the root cause of performance issues – connecting web performance to online business value in real-time. The Richmond, Virginia-based company boasts eRevenueInsights, eMarketingInsights, and RealUserInsights solutions that provide performance targets for businesses to support significant increases in site revenue.

To learn more about Blue Triangle Technologies, visit or call (877) 258-3107.