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Blue Triangle Technologies’ Groundbreaking Conversion Boost Drives Up Site Purchase Rates for Shoppers with Slow Web Experience in Real Time

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bluetriangle May 29, 2015

Announcing Blue Triangle’s Patent-Pending Conversion Boost, which identifies unacceptably slow page load times that negatively impact the decision to buy for each user’s visit, then triggers web optimizations to reduce the likelihood of shopping cart abandonment.

RICHMOND, VA -- As thought leaders in the web performance and customer experience industry, Blue Triangle Technologies provides the missing link that conclusively connects web performance to online purchase rates, measuring ROI in real time in hard currency. Blue Triangle Technologies’ innovation brings another first to the market — Conversion Boost. Blue Triangle recognizes the need for website management teams to have the proper business optimization tools, and was not only the first to pinpoint revenue loss from poor page performance, but also the first to predict the revenue and conversion increase opportunities when performance is improved. The company’s proprietary analytics methodology compares actual user experience across all devices - providing key data for both Mobile and eCommerce merchants.

The Conversion Boost solution adds to Blue Triangle’s highly regarded portfolio, and serves as an add-on feature for all of Blue Triangle’s products. By identifying the impact page speed has on the decision to buy on a per user basis, Blue Triangle categorizes each shopper by their likelihood to buy based on their location in the sales funnel. Blue Triangle recognizes when users are at risk of not converting due to page speed by comparing that user’s experience to others with similar demographics that have recently visited the site and did not purchase. This proactively triggers optimized pages based on the probability of the user’s conversion due to perceived performance. Conversion Boost works with adaptive web design features or through changing settings with the eCommerce site’s front end optimization (FEO) provider. Websites using Conversion Boostincrease their overall conversion rates in real time by dynamically improving user experience for shoppers receiving slow web pages.

About Blue Triangle Technologies

Blue Triangle Technologies Inc. created the concept of determining Revenue Loss from User Page Speed Experience by being the first company to bring this ground-breaking technology to market as a SaaS solution, quantifying Revenue Opportunity. The Richmond, Virginia based company boasts eRevenueInsights, eMarketingInsights and RealUserInsights products that provide performance targets for businesses to support significant increases in site revenue. To learn more about Blue Triangle Technologies, visit us at or call +1 (877) 258-3107.


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