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Bringing Our Digital Experience Management to Google Cloud


Bringing Our Digital Experience Management to Google Cloud 

 We are thrilled to announce Blue Triangle's digital experience analytics solutions are now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. This inclusion marks our position as an industry-leading Digital Experience Management provider, offering Google Cloud customers a world-class optimization platform that links the customer journey to business outcomes and measures the impact of online performance. 


 "This opportunity makes our digital experience management platform more attainable for digital teams and leading brands to help provide their customers the best possible experience while quantifying how this experience impacts business outcomes," said Lance Ullom, our CEO. 

 Wider Reach, Easy Procurement 

Our solutions now enjoy Google's global reach thanks to Google Cloud Marketplace's fully cloud-based Gen5 infrastructure. Digital teams worldwide can directly access, procure, and deploy our robust suite of products for assessing and improving digital experiences, including Business Analytics, Real User Monitoring, Synthetic Monitoring, Tag Governance, and Content Security Policy (CSP) Management. 

Google Cloud Marketplace's flexible payment options, frictionless procurement, and consolidated IT spend treats users to a much faster purchase journey and simplify billing management, accounting and auditing. 

Fast, Effortless Deployment 

With Blue Triangle on Google Cloud Marketplace, digital teams can quickly find the solution they need and launch them without any difficulty. Our users can opt to deploy their Blue Triangle solutions using the software's default configuration or make modifications before deployment to optimize resource utilization and meet business-specific requirements. 

 Fast and seamless deployment from Google Cloud enables digital experience teams to immediately monitor the experience of all their web and mobile app visitors in real-time and pinpoint particular web performance, third-party tag, and purchase path issues that are negatively impacting the user experience and revenue. 


Our Google Cloud users can access and analyze real-time performance data and derive insights required to improve, secure, and enhance their visitors' digital experiences along the most critical areas of the customer journey.  

Lance added, "Having Blue Triangle's comprehensive suite of solutions conveniently and readily available in the Marketplace helps users realize even more value in their investment, making it faster and easier to identify, predict, and realize real-time opportunities and risks to growing revenue." 

Trusted Software Partner 

 "To sell your software on Cloud Marketplace, you must be approved as a Google Cloud Build partner," according to Google. 

Being listed on Google Cloud Marketplace means Blue Triangle successfully satisfied Google's strict requirements. This builds product confidence for our clients and empowers digital teams to accelerate product procurement and deployment without requiring internal vendor review. 

Discover how your site's performance data can provide deep insights to enhance your customers' digital experience and streamline paths to revenue. Check out Blue Triangle on Google Cloud Marketplace now. 

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