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How Lenovo Makes Business Decisions to Generate More Online Revenue

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Lenovo Shares Their Winning Strategy to Grow Online Revenue with Frictionless Digital Experiences

CHALLENGE: Lenovo is committed to helping every customer experience their own transformation through innovative products, solutions, and services offered on The company needed a systematic and repeatable way to quantify the customer experience to help achieve its business and revenue goals.

SOLUTION: Blue Triangle empowers Lenovo to make more educated, business-driven decisions about where to invest time and resources to remove costly friction from the customer experience.

Thanks to the Blue Triangle platform, Lenovo has unlocked their data to support business decisions and calculate the return on investment of their continuous experience optimization efforts.

OUTCOME: Blue Triangle has helped Lenovo to focus every business decision on optimizing the customer experience to be frictionless and driving more revenue.

Derek Gominger LenovoWe recently sat down with Derek Gominger, COO Global eCommerce at Lenovo, to ask how Blue Triangle is helping them reach their revenue and business goals.

What was life like before using Blue Triangle? What problem were you hoping to solve?

Before Blue Triangle, we did not have a systematic, reliable, or trackable way to quantify the customer experience. Blue Triangle allows us to quantify our highest converting paths and the actual cost of every page to see if site performance is really making headway.

Without Blue Triangle, measuring the revenue impact of site performance was debatable. At the time, we could only rely on Google insights to benchmark our performance relative to our peers, which was often ineffective.

What were you not getting from other platforms that you really wanted or needed?

IMAGE B - DEOThe real-time aspect of Blue Triangle’s data is invaluable. It’s no secret we also use Adobe tools, and some of those are delayed or not in real-time from a business performance perspective.

The greatest value Blue Triangle provides is real-time data tracking for our very dynamic business which provides the actionable insights we need to make educated business decisions quickly. I’m a consumer of data, so the dashboards and automated alerting we get with Blue Triangle are easily my favorite parts of the platform.

Why did you choose Blue Triangle?

Blue Triangle was the independent third-party we needed to unlock our internal performance data to see how customers experiencing different page speeds impacted revenue and conversion.

That has really helped focus every conversation we have around the customer experience and what we’re doing to make that experience frictionless.

How do you use Blue Triangle?

IMAGE A - Revenue OpportunityWe use Blue Triangle to quantify the business value of site performance and the customer experience. Now, we have the data to support our business decisions, and after identifying problems and making changes, we can go back and calculate the revenue we got from those changes to prove ROI.

Thanks to Blue Triangle, we’re easily able to identify friction with dashboards and see the revenue impact for shoppers that experience faster or slower page speeds. We’re then able to use this data to help shape our perspective of where we should be investing and prioritizing our time and resources to drive more revenue.

How has Blue Triangle changed you or your team’s life?

Blue Triangle is ingrained into our culture to make sure everyone is thinking and talking about the customer experience and its implications on revenue.

We use Blue Triangle data to communicate with key stakeholders in the business and set realistic page speed and revenue benchmarks that we need to attain to consistently drive revenue and allocate the required investments to improve site performance.

Leadership team talking about revenue Blue Triangle has really helped drive the necessity for page speed and revenue to the front of every conversation. Across leadership and every team, we’re now tracking metrics like page load time and performance, revenue of the business, and the customer experience on our site.

With Blue Triangle, I can watch the data in real-time and react to problems as soon as they arise like if a page goes down or even worse the site in an entire country does down.

We’re a huge business, so seconds and minutes of downtime comes at a significant cost. There’s a lot of quantifiable revenue at stake if the business goes down at any given time, so Blue Triangle reporting and alerting is critical.

How would you describe the Lenovo and Blue Triangle partnership?

The responsiveness and support access to Blue Triangle, from leadership down, is bar none. Every time we’ve ever had any question, issue, or anything comes up, the whole Blue Triangle Team has been incredibly responsive. Not only identifying problems, but the nature of problem solving is top notch.

Blue Triangle is more than a vendor. We’re a partnership coming together to solve with data and insights what we can do for Lenovo to make sure we’re scaling together and making data-driven decisions efficiently to grow revenue. Blue Triangle’s expertise unlocks more value for us.

Lenovo and Blue Triangle have been partners for over three years. From leadership down to the daily support we’ve always received, its been great and the best business decision to create really solid insights that now drive culture changes and investments to really help us deliver more revenue and drive our business.

With Blue Triangle, we have more confidence that performance and page load on the site is going to be monitored in a way that will alert me and the team when things go wrong. Like during holiday peak when we generate more demand and traffic to the website.

Lenovo LogoLenovo ThinkPad LaptopsABOUT: Lenovo is a Fortune Global 500 technology company and one of Fortune Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies. For more than three decades, Lenovo has transformed its business and what it means to deliver a frictionless digital experience.

The company delivers on its mission of “Smarter Technology for All” and shaping computing intelligence to create a better world through the world’s widest portfolio of technology products, solutions, software, and services. Millions of consumers and businesses in over 180 markets rely on Lenovo to push the limits of what technology can do to fulfill their potential.

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