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Blue Triangle offers the only complete platform purpose-built for Continuous Experience Optimization powered by Business Outcomes

How Lenovo Makes Business Decisions to Generate More Online Revenue

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Lenovo Shares Their Winning Strategy to Grow Online Revenue with Frictionless Digital Experiences CHALLENGE: Lenovo is committed to helping every customer experience their own transformation through innovative...

Core Web Vitals Impact Your Online Business - An LCP Case Study

Case Studies Blog
A Core Web Vitals and Business KPI case study examining the impact of Largest Contentful...

The Gift of Web Performance: Making eCommerce Miracles

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It's that special time of year, and we can all feel it. Thanksgiving and the weekend of...

Slickdeals Customer Success Story

Case Studies Blog
Every second counts. Companies around the globe are all competing for the same few seconds of a consumer’s attention. There is no time to waste. At critical points in the consumer’s path to purchase, speed

How U.S. Auto Parts Made Millions with Blue Triangle

Case Studies Blog
When you find millions of dollars in web performance-related opportunity sitting on your websites, you take it. And that’s exactly what Sheng-Te Yang and his team at U.S. Auto Parts did. About U.S. Auto Parts

How Carnival Cruise Line Optimizes Digital Experience with Blue Triangle

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Carnival Cruise Line is the most popular cruise brand in the world and carries nearly 6 million passengers per year. Erick Leon is the company's Senior Performance & Monitoring Architect. He is responsible

How Improving Website Speed Grew Monthly Sales by $40 Million

Web Performance Case Studies Blog
Faster web performance usually translates to higher revenue. Here's an example that puts this theory to the test! Blue Triangle found site-wide performance issues and provided speedup recommendations for one