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Leverage Site Functionality to Reduce Friction and Maximize Loyalty


Mike Shady, an eCommerce Executive and former Senior Vice President of Online for Lowe's, shares his extensive omnichannel retail and digital expertise on The Frictionless Experience.


Discover how Usability and Functionality, one of the Five Friction Forces, influence customer transactions on your site and mobile app.

Mike shares numerous success stories and challenges in growing a billion-dollar online business, implementing thousands of functionality improvements, and establishing a company as a leader in its space.

Don't miss this in-depth discussion on:

  • Creating frictionless digital and physical shopping experiences.
  • Aligning actions with customer needs.
  • Fulfilling online promises to foster loyalty.
Read our top takeaways from this episode to improve site usability and functionality for a frictionless experience. 

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The full episode can be found on YouTube and any of the major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

If you enjoyed Part 1: Usability and Functionality, stay tuned for Part 2: Speed in our series on the Five Friction Forces.

The Frictionless Experience Podcast Episode with Mike Shady

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