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How SaaS Superstar Blue Triangle Delivers Secure Digital Experience Management with Google Cloud

In by Adam Wood / Apr 25, 2022

AVAILABLE NOW! Cloud N Clear, SADA's podcast for innovative business leaders and technology enthusiatist, features Blue Triangle, a SADA SaaS Alliance Partner. Learn about how Blue Triangle analyzes data built on Google Cloud technology, empowering customers to keep their customer digital experiences secure and to find new ways to grow revenue.

SADA CTO Miles Ward leads this interview with Blue Triangle CTO Tim Grant to determine how the organization is trending every file, digital function, and piece of content on a customer’s website while monitoring end-user experience in terms of web page speed, functionality, and security. Discover how Blue Triangle benefits most from our partnership with SADA and Google Cloud.

Host: Miles Ward | CTO, SADA
Guest:  Tim Grant | CTO, Blue Triangle