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Julian Wilkison-Duran

Julian Wilkison-Duran

I have been a full stack developer at Blue Triangle for a little over a year. Previously I worked in the government and healthcare sectors as a Scientist and Engineer.

The Houdini of CSS

Web Development Blog
As a website developer, when I hear about multimedia technology on the web, I conjure up memories of things like Java Applets and Flash sites. They made the internet look more aesthetically pleasing and

Supply Chain Attacks - Actions All Websites Should Take

Security Content Security Policy Blog
If you run a website or eCommerce site, you are probably vulnerable to supply chain hacking. To understand how the hack works and how your site may be vulnerable, we will look at the major supply chain attack

WordPress Websites Being Attacked Before The Holidays

Security Tag Governance Content Security Policy Blog
This week Word-Fence, the leading Web Application Firewall (WAF) for WordPress sites, announced “Millions of WordPress sites hit in wide-ranging attack” (Barclay Ballard, These attacks are

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM): What it is and Why it's important

Web Performance DEM Blog
What is Digital Experience Monitoring and why do I need it? Digital Experience Monitoring analyzes and monitors the end-user experience with a web application. As control over user experience has been lost to

How Function Tracing Can Help You Optimize Your Site

Web Performance Blog
What else can I do to optimize my site? So you have optimized your images, cached your queries, and lazy loaded your page. But your load time and Time To Interactive are still slow. Now what? Our engineers and

What Kinds of Hacking Can a Content Security Policy Stop?

Security Blog
Myths and legends surround and sometimes obscure what a content security policy (CSP) is and how it can protect your website. The power of a CSP is noteworthy, but it is not an end-all be-all security