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WordPress Websites Being Attacked Before The Holidays

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This week Word-Fence, the leading Web Application Firewall (WAF) for WordPress sites, announced “Millions of WordPress sites hit in wide-ranging attack” (Barclay Ballard, These attacks are...

Part 3: How to Stop Piggy-back Tags

Security Tag Governance Blog
Mitigating the Risk In this series, we’ve explored the legal and operational risks of...

Piggyback Tags, Part 2: Piggyback Tags and the California Consumer Protection Act

Tag Governance Blog
The U.S. Data Privacy Legal Landscape is Highly Fragmented The US data privacy legal...

How to find out if a Site has a Content Security Policy (CSP) deployed

Security Tag Governance Blog
How to Find Out If a Site Has a Content Security Policy (CSP) Deployed A Content Security Policy is the best protection against one of the most malicious attacks on the Internet – supply chain attacks – and

The Wild West of JavaScript Tags

Tag Governance Blog
"We have too many tags to manage." Recently I was on the phone with an eCommerce site owner that used the term “wild west” when describing the chaos and lack of control of their first and third party tags.

Taking Control of Your Third Party Tags with Blue Triangle

Tag Governance Blog
Tag monitoring tools provide standalone performance data, but do not give any context to how first and third party tags are impacting your digital experience. Blue Triangle's Tag Governance gives you a way

Monitoring Web Performance & Third Party Content Using Waterfall Charts

Web Performance Tag Governance Blog
What are Performance Waterfall Charts? Performance waterfall charts map out every piece of content on a web page and organize content by when it loads and how long it takes to load. Waterfalls are a great way

The Fastest and Slowest Third Party Marketing Tags - Real World Data

Tag Governance Blog
In Best Practices in Tag Management and Governance, we discussed how adding third party tags to your website can come at a high cost to both page speed and revenue. That's because most tags are either

Best Practices for Tag Management and Governance

Tag Governance Blog
On most of the websites you’ll visit today (including this one), third party technologies are collecting data and loading pieces of content both in front of your eyes and behind the scenes. This is done through