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Tricia Dunlap

Tricia Dunlap

Tricia Dunlap is the Founding Principal of Dunlap Law PLC, a boutique law firm on a mission to help business leaders thrive. A member of the Virginia State Bar and the D.C. Bar, Tricia is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) and the co-chair of the International Association of Privacy Professionals ( IAPP) KnowledgeNet chapter in Richmond, Virginia.

Part 3: How to Stop Piggy-back Tags

Security Tag Governance Blog
Mitigating the Risk In this series, we’ve explored the legal and operational risks of piggy-back tags. We examined Equifax’s 2017 data breach caused by a supply chain attack and looked at the possibility of

Piggyback Tags, Part 2: Piggyback Tags and the California Consumer Protection Act

Tag Governance Blog
The U.S. Data Privacy Legal Landscape is Highly Fragmented The US data privacy legal landscape is a patchwork of federal and state laws.At the federal level, data privacy laws vary by business sector. For

Legal and Operational Risks of Piggyback Tags, Part 1: What the Heck Are They and Why Should I Care?

What Are Tags? Every business website has “Tags” – they are the pixel or code mechanisms that facilitate the collection and sharing of data between your website and the services you rely on for site analytics