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Adam Wood

Adam Wood

As the content marketing manager and strategist for Blue Triangle, Adam's day is filled with content marketing activities, writing, and coffee. He graduated with an English and Business degree, which was more than just writing APA or MLA style papers. Adam has nearly a decade of experience in non-profit and corporate sectors, including healthcare, education, and eCommerce. Most recently, the payments and FinTech space before joining Blue Triangle, empowering performance-driven organizations to deliver frictionless digital experiences.

How a CSP Would Have Prevented 3 High-Profile Magecart Attacks

What do British Airways, Newegg, and Ticketmaster have in common? They were victims of cross-site scripting attacks that cost millions of dollars. Content Security Policies (CSPs) were created to mitigate a

Leverage Site Functionality to Reduce Friction and Maximize Loyalty

Mike Shady, an eCommerce Executive and former Senior Vice President of Online for Lowe's, shares his extensive omnichannel retail and digital expertise on The Frictionless Experience. Listen to "The

Why Are So Many Major Websites Operating Without a Content Security Policy (CSP)?

While browsers have supported Content Security Policies (CSPs) for over a decade, and the benefits of a CSP are well documented, only 7% of Alexa’s top 1 million sites have a valid CSP. That percentage

Unlocking the Truth about Content Security Policy (CSP): Debunking 5 CSP Myths

JavaScript tags are constantly added to sites and apps by multiple teams. But over time, poor tag management can result in a dumping ground for outdated tags and daisy chaining tags. Unrestricted third-party

5 Tips to Improve Site Usability and Functionality for a Frictionless Experience

The success of any site or mobile app hinges on understanding the Five Friction Forces to drive conversions and grow customer loyalty. In an episode of The Frictionless Experience, our podcast for Friction

How the Healthcare Industry Benefits from Delivering a Frictionless Experience

When you think about a frictionless digital experience, what's the first thing that comes to mind? For many, the answer could be online shopping and eCommerce giants like Amazon, who undoubtedly set the bar

How to Optimize the Online Retail Experience to Maximize Holiday Sales

The holiday season is one of the most pivotal times of the year for retailers and eCommerce businesses to secure customer loyalty. Are you ready to make the most of it? Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM)

Why Every Shopper and Their Black Friday Experience Matters

Every year, like clockwork, shoppers would line the blocks on Thanksgiving Day, eagerly waiting for their favorite stores to open. Their bellies still stuffed with Thanksgiving turkey (or, if you’re like me,

On-Demand Webinar: How to Measure, Debug, and Improve Core Web Vitals

Are you constantly watching your Core Web Vitals and comparing your performance to competitors? It's easy to know what your scores are, but not why they're stagnant or how to fix the problem. Watch the

Is Amazon Prime Day the New Black Friday in July?

Amazon Prime Day, the annual shopping extravaganza exclusively for Prime members, has become a highly anticipated event for millions of online shoppers worldwide. While consumers take advantage of online

Revealing Hidden User Friction with Blue Triangle and Microsoft Clarity Integration

Session replay is often thought of as the last mile of customer journey analysis because it allows you to walk a mile in your users’ shoes to empathize with their experience so you can then make it better.

VitalScope Exposes the Hidden Reasons Behind Poor Core Web Vitals and How to Fix Them

Are you always watching your Core Web Vitals, comparing them to your competitors? It can be frustrating if theirs are improving and yours aren’t. Or even worse, if yours are underperforming because that’s