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Adam Wood

Adam Wood

As the content marketing manager and strategist for Blue Triangle, Adam's day is filled with content marketing activities, writing, and coffee. He graduated with an English and Business degree, which was more than just writing APA or MLA style papers. Adam has nearly a decade of experience in non-profit and corporate sectors, including healthcare, education, and eCommerce. Most recently, the payments and FinTech space before joining Blue Triangle, empowering performance-driven organizations to deliver frictionless digital experiences.

JavaScript Function Tracing

With Blue Triangle, you can easily discover which JavaScript functions are slowing down your pages, identify the source of every JavaScript function, and analyze the performance of functions in aggregate.

Supercharge Your Core Web Vitals with JavaScript Function Tracing for a Better User-Centric Experience

JavaScript performance issues are tricky to solve, even for the most experienced developers. Tracking your site's JavaScript errors allow you to prioritize and fix the critical issues impacting your Core Web

Blue Triangle Synthetic Monitoring Whitepaper

White Papers
"I can show you something in your website that you have never seen before." This may not be a typical whitepaper, filled with technical details, feature descriptions, and diagrams. The sort of document that

Business Analytics

Prioritize optimizations with revenue impact and understand how web performance impacts your business KPIs with Blue Triangle's Revenue Opportunity and Revenue Calculator.

Platform Overview

Modern digital optimization platform with real-time digital experience analytics, customer journey analysis, and actionable insights to optimize website performance, improve business outcomes, and deliver

Customer Journey Analysis

Follow every path your customers take on your website -both converting and non-converting. Instantly identify your highest converting path for any page or campaign. Eliminate bottlenecks undermining the

Want to Boost Conversions? Figure Out How Customers Actually Use Your Site

Marketing Analytics Blog
On the surface, a customer’s journey on your brand’s website may seem simple. They visit your website, find a product they like, and then make a purchase. But a closer look at the process will reveal that

Ignoring Core Web Vitals Will Ruin Your UX

User experience, or UX, has become even more essential recently, with Google placing more premium on page experience with the introduction of Core Web Vitals (CWV). CWV is an innovative way to score and rank

Stop Losing Impatient Customers to Competing Websites

Are You Funding Your Competitors? Modern consumers demand extremely fast-loading websites. Recent internet statistics indicate that 47% of users expect business websites to completely load within two seconds.

How Super Bowl LVI Commercials Affected Advertisers' Websites

Who Won Super Bowl LVI? In a tight game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, who came out on top as the Super Bowl LVI Champions? While the Rams took home the Vince Lombardi Trophy, there

How to Use the Blue Triangle Industry Benchmarks - and Why it Matters!

Industry Benchmarks Blog
How to Use the Blue Triangle Industry Benchmarks – and Why it Matters! Do you know how your website performance and Google Page Speed Score stack up against your industry? With the Blue Triangle Industry

4 Trends High Performing eCommerce Websites Should Know in 2022

In recent years, there has been an acceleration in the rise of online shopping and eCommerce sales, which has benefited from changing consumer behaviors brought on by the pandemic. With a focus on digital