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Prioritizing Friction Points with the Most Potential to Move the Needle

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Five ways to help your digital product teams focus efforts to remove user friction, prioritize new features and drive more revenue with A/B testing. Companies spend millions of dollars each year performing...

5 Things Marketers Lose When Moving Over to Google Analytics 4

Marketing Analytics Ecommerce Website performance
You've been hearing all about how great Google Analytics 4 is but here are 5 things you...

Want to Boost Conversions? Figure Out How Customers Actually Use Your Site

Marketing Analytics Blog
On the surface, a customer’s journey on your brand’s website may seem simple. They visit...

Google's Core Web Vitals: Are you Ready? We Are.

Web Performance Marketing Analytics Blog
Google is continually adding and changing metrics to better grasp web performance and how performance affects the individual experience. At times metrics have been retired, or weights have changed, which is

Web Monitoring: What's in your SEO?

Marketing Analytics Blog
Making it in global markets With industry and especially online business becoming increasingly global, commonalities are surfacing between continents, but we are also finding some differences. Exciting new

How Web Performance Impacts SEO: Part 2

Web Performance Marketing Analytics DEM Blog
Why doperformance + experiencematter for SEO? Performance is a key element in helping Google rank sites in search results. Google handles almost all Internet searches in the US, with about 88% market share.

Measuring New vs Return Visitors with Blue Triangle

Marketing Analytics Blog
One of the key features of Blue Triangle's Digital Experience Analytics is the ability to see, in real-time, new vs returning visitors. All from a customer journey perspective. Why is this important? It

Developing a Winning eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Marketing Analytics Blog
2017 is in the rear-view mirror. We can all now breathe a big sigh of relief. Well, most of us. Those of us that didn’t get lucky and skate through the holiday period without a major outage, or even a

Monitoring Bot Traffic for Faster Performance, Higher Revenue & Better SEO

Web Performance Marketing Analytics Blog
Yes, I know. Bots can be a real pain. They can skew your analytics. They can purchase those Foo Fighters tickets before you (that’s a story for another day). And worse, they can inject viruses, commit DDoS

RUM Returns to Marketing (and Don Draper rejoices)

Web Performance Marketing Analytics Blog
I admit…I wasn’t hooked on the show Mad Men when it first came out. But all my marketing friends loved it, so I caught an episode and ended up binge watching it all. The series had many twists and turns, but

6 Ways to Gear Up Your eCommerce Marketing for the Holidays

Marketing Analytics Blog
The holidays are rapidly approaching. Are you ready? Your team has probably conducted Load Tests and A/B Tests over the past few months to ensure your site is ready for scale. But as a marketer, it’s now time

3 Things eCommerce Sites Need to Do When Preparing for the Holidays

Web Performance Marketing Analytics Blog
It's that time again! The holidays are (always) rapidly approaching and we have all started projects to make sure our eCommerce sites are ready to scale and will provide the best conversion rates. Hopefully