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How Lenovo Makes Business Decisions to Generate More Online Revenue

Case Studies
Lenovo Shares Their Winning Strategy to Grow Online Revenue with Frictionless Digital Experiences CHALLENGE: Lenovo is committed to helping every customer experience their own transformation through innovative

Cutting Through the Clutter: How Video Can Differentiate Your eCommerce Brand

Leading Brands Cut Through the Noise of the Competition with Video to Build Customer Trust. eCommerce brands understand how crucial it is to distinguish from the competition. So how can you ensure that your

3 Surefire Ways Networking Teams Can Drive Bottom-Line Value

The Business Benefits of Using Synthetic Monitoring to Connect the Performance of Web-Based Applications and SaaS Services to the Customer and Employee Experience. Delivering a frictionless experience is a

3 Proven Ways to Vaporize Website Friction eBook

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Friction is like a space invader sent to destroy the customer experience. Plan your battle strategy with tips from this eBook to repel their costly attacks and create frictionless digital experiences that

5 Shocking Ways Friction on Your Website is Costing You Money

Can milliseconds really cost you millions? Yes, they can. It’s no secret that consumers expect frictionless, remarkable digital experiences. Especially with more customers shopping online. Shockingly, 62% of

What Continuous Experience Optimization is NOT

"On my team, you have to talk about the ugly babies," Said Billy Ray Taylor, an executive director at Goodyear Tire. At the time, he was touring an underperforming factory that he was tasked with turning

The Unbelievable Cost of Friction

The True Cost of Friction Will Surprise You Imagine a website that takes too long to load. And let’s be real. We don’t have to imagine too hard. It’s something most of us experience every day. It’s a

The Surprising Top 5 Digital Experience Trends for 2023

New year, new trends that you must know for a frictionless 2023 Last year, with inflation and fears of a recession, every customer mattered. This still rings true in the new year. Facing new challenges and

Amazon and the Unbelievable Cost of Site Outages

Amazon and the Unbelievable Cost of Site Outages Amazon’s website and app was down for thousands of frustrated shoppers Wednesday morning, December 7th. When this happens, many shoppers might be left

Cyber Week 2022 Recap

Cyber Week 2022 Recap Every Shopper Matters This Holiday Season With the ongoing pandemic, high inflation, and a looming recession affecting consumer confidence, many retailers and eCommerce websites faced

Cyber Monday 2022: The Fastest and Slowest Retail Websites

Cyber Monday 2022: The Fastest and Slowest Retail Websites Cyber Monday 2022 is expected to remain this holiday season’s biggest shopping day, driving a record $11.2 billion in spending, up 5.1%

Black Friday 2022: The Fastest and Slowest Retail Websites

Black Friday 2022: The Fastest and Slowest Retail Websites Black Friday 2022 online sales are projected to grow by just 1% year-over-year at $9 billion, according to early estimates from Adobe. With $8.9