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Black Friday 2019: The Fastest and Slowest Retail Websites

Web Performance Industry Benchmarks Blog
<< Thanksgiving Day report>> Cyber Monday report Black Friday online sales reached $7.4B. That's a 19% increase from last year. Our retail customer traffic increased 43% between Thanksgiving and Black

Thanksgiving Day 2019: The Fastest and Slowest Retail Websites

Web Performance Industry Benchmarks Blog
Black Friday report >Cyber Monday report >> An estimated $4.2B was spent online on Thanksgiving Day 2019 - up $300M (8%) from last year. Blue Triangle's retail customer traffic was up 105% from Wednesday,

Slickdeals Customer Success Story

Case Studies Blog
Every second counts. Companies around the globe are all competing for the same few seconds of a consumer’s attention. There is no time to waste. At critical points in the consumer’s path to purchase, speed

eCommerce Horror Stories

Web Performance Security Industry Benchmarks Blog
That's right folks, it's that spooky time of year again, and we here at Blue Triangle wanted to share some website tales from beyond the binary. Halloween is one thing, but the encroaching Black Friday and

The Ultimate Guide to Tag Management & Tag Governance

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How to properly implement and monitor your third-party tags for faster page speed and higher revenue. Download Guide

Synthetic Monitoring vs Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Web Performance Blog
There are two methods to monitor your website's performance, Real User Monitoring and Synthetic Monitoring. By understanding how these two methods work independently and cooperatively, you can ensure that your

The Ultimate Guide to Content Security Policy (CSP)

White Papers
How to build, implement, and manage your Content Security Policy (CSP) in 2019. Learn how to protect your site from cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, unauthorized ad injection, and dangerous fourth-party

How to Implement a Content Security Policy (CSP)

Security Blog
Why You Need a CSP Every site should have a Content Security Policy (CSP). A CSP is a browser security standard that controls what domains, subdomains, and types of resources a browser can load on a given web

Why a Faster Website Will Benefit Some Retailers More Than Others

Web Performance Industry Benchmarks Blog
This blog post was originally published by Internet Retailer. Faster is better, but the impact is not the same for all retailers, or the same for all pages on a retailer’s eCommerce site. It’s important to

How to Optimize JavaScript Delivery to Speed Up Your Site

Web Performance Accelerator Series Blog
JavaScript is an essential aspect of building engaging sites, but it can drastically affect the way pages load. Like any other file building a web page, JavaScript needs to load before it can function. The

How to Optimize HTML to Boost Web Performance

Web Performance Accelerator Series Blog
Why optimize HTML? HTML is the backbone of the internet. It is the document type that builds the structure of a website. Without HTML, JavaScript wouldn’t be able to run, CSS wouldn’t be able to style

Internet Retailer Has Selected Blue Triangle as Its Web Performance Data Provider. Here's Why You Should Care.

Web Performance Industry Benchmarks Blog
If you work for an eCommerce retailer or are a solution provider in the eCommerce space, you've no doubt read a news article or kept up-to-date on the latest eCommerce trends with Internet Retailer. They also