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IBM Digital Analytics (Coremetrics) had an outage on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here's what happened and what you should do.

Web Performance Industry Benchmarks Blog
IBM Digital Analytics (formerly known as Coremetrics) experienced an outage that impacted their customers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.This outage slowed down websites (the browser load event) on Black

Thanksgiving Day 2018: The Fastest and Slowest Retail Websites

Web Performance Industry Benchmarks Blog
A record-breaking $3.7B was spent online on Thanksgiving Day. That's up 28% from last year. Traffic was up 40% from Wednesday for Blue Triangle’s retail customers. Blue Triangle retail customer traffic: 11/21

Should you switch to HTTP/2?

Web Performance Blog
HTTP/2 is the new standard transfer protocol online. It can make websites faster, more secure, and use fewer network resources. But should you make the switch to HTTP/2? What are the considerations? Or if

Tracking Web Content with “What’s Changed?” Feature

Web Performance Blog
Web content is managed and owned by many different people and organizations within a digital business. For example, IT may own the overall stack, but not the content on individual product pages. That content

Monitoring Bot Traffic for Faster Performance, Higher Revenue & Better SEO

Web Performance Marketing Analytics Blog
Yes, I know. Bots can be a real pain. They can skew your analytics. They can purchase those Foo Fighters tickets before you (that’s a story for another day). And worse, they can inject viruses, commit DDoS

Cyber Monday 2017: The Fastest and Slowest Retail Websites

Web Performance Industry Benchmarks Blog
Cyber Monday 2017 - the largest online shopping day in the US. Ever. Revenue hit $6.6 billion this year. That's up $1 billion from last year. To put that number in perspective, Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Black Friday 2017: The Fastest and Slowest Retail Websites

Web Performance Industry Benchmarks Blog
Online sales on Black Friday rose 24% from last year. With consumer confidence at a 17-year high, $1 million was spent online every single minute, and many of our retail clients saw their web traffic increase

Thanksgiving 2017: The Fastest and Slowest Retail Websites

Web Performance Industry Benchmarks Blog
The holiday season is upon us – the “Super Bowl of Retail”. Deals are flowing. Web traffic is flowing. And while shoppers have gotten early access to deals throughout November, Thanksgiving marks the official

Monitoring Web Performance & Third Party Content Using Waterfall Charts

Web Performance Tag Governance Blog
What are Performance Waterfall Charts? Performance waterfall charts map out every piece of content on a web page and organize content by when it loads and how long it takes to load. Waterfalls are a great way

Single Page Applications - What They Are and How We Monitor Them

Web Performance Blog
What is a single-page application? A single-page application (SPA) is a website that operates on a just one web page, like Gmail, Google Drive and iCloud. The page never needs to reload when the user performs

RUM Returns to Marketing (and Don Draper rejoices)

Web Performance Marketing Analytics Blog
I admit…I wasn’t hooked on the show Mad Men when it first came out. But all my marketing friends loved it, so I caught an episode and ended up binge watching it all. The series had many twists and turns, but

User Tenacity & Why a Slow Website is Sometimes OK

Web Performance Blog
Say, what? Slow is OK? Are you crazy? Well, now that I have your attention, let’s dig in. As many well-respected and well-known experts in the web performance community have researched and written about, web